I Love TeachersPayTeachers Sales! A Few of My Favorite Things…

The recent TeachersPayTeachers sale is over! I am EXHAUSTED and EXCITED! I posted some new products (Most recently my Magic Tree House sets, which I finished up with some of my new clip art!)….


and I purchased some awesome new products from a couple of my favorite sellers. A few of my favorite purchases were:


*2 new animal sets from one of my FAVORITE sellers, Teaching in the Tongass. This, of course, means my growing animal bundle will be GROWING more soon, so get it while it’s still at it’s current low price!

I love Jen’s (Teaching in the Tongass) sets, especially the animal sets. They offer such a variety of clips and many of them are realistic enough to use with an informational texts!

Ocean Animal clipart by Teaching in the Tongass

Ocean Animal Clip Art by Teaching in the Tongass

Desert Clip Art By Teaching in the Tongass

Desert Clip Art By Teaching in the Tongass


AND… I am so excited to have also purchased some more fairy tale clipart!


Little Red Riding Hood Clip Art!

Little Red Riding Hood by Krista Wallden. Creative Clips

Jack and the Beanstalk Clip art by Krista Wallden, Creative Clips

Jack and the Beanstalk Clip Art by Krista Wallden, Creative Clips

I love Krista Wallden’s cute and careful work. She does a wonderful job including enough details to really make a full set. I just cannot WAIT to add Jack and the Beanstalk AND Little Red Riding Hood product to my shop to go with The Three Little Pigs and Goldilocks and the Three Bears!


I also have to admit… I purchased fall, Thanksgiving, Hannukah…. yeah I might have a clip art addiction.


As you can see, I have my work cut out for me! Coffee’s on!

Comment with some of your favorite TPT or TeachersNotebook resources!

5 Ways to Get Ready for a TPT Sitewide Sale


Did you hear! It’s a TPT sitewide sale!

If you’re anything like me, you LOVE to purchase products from amazing teachers across the country and world. It’s amazing the work that goes into the fantanstic resources posted by shopkeepers on TeachersPayTeachers.

But if you’re like me, you’re also trying to keep up with this buying while earning a teacher’s salary. So… of course everyone loves a SALE!

This Wednesday, February 25, TeachersPayTeachers is offering one of their SITEWIDE sales! This is an amazing opportunity to save 10% off your entire purchase February 25 only! (Code: Heroes) When you combine this with the shop sales of 20% off offered by many of your favorite sellers, that’s 28% overall savings! I know… its’ pretty incredible. So while shopkeepers are getting ready for a sitewide sale, you too can get ready to get the resources you need at a big discount! BUT… The sale only lasts for a day, so you’ll want to be ready to take advantage of these great savings!

Customers: 5 Ways to Get Ready For a TPT Sitewide Sale

1.Check your plan book and calendar. Do you need resources for that upcoming math unit? Are your literacy centers getting a little stale? Do you have those spring printables, sure to engage your learners? Take a quick inventory of products that will help you and are needed in your classroom.

2.Check your wishlist- My wishlist is FULL of things I love.  I recently moved to first grade from third though, so it’s time to clean up that wishlist and remove those products that i’m not really wishing for anymore.

3. Visit your Favorite Sellers pages- You might find details about the additional sale they’re offering, or a new product that you missed and could use! Now would be a perfect time to get your hands on these resources at a great price.

4.Search and fill that wishlist back up. Use your “quick inventory” to add new items you could use to your wishlist. I actually like to add some things that are “definite yes!” for me to my cart.

5.This item is the same as on my seller’s list- COFFEE!  I find myself up early (before my two young boys) searching and adding things to my wishlist or cart. Waking a little earlier with a good cup of coffee during a TPT sitewide sale is a must.




Check out my shop!

Sellers: 5 Ways to Get Ready for a TPT Sitewide Sale!

5 Ways to Get Ready for a TPT Sitewide Sale: For TPT Sellers/Shop keepers! blog.printableprompts.com

Did you hear the awesome news? TeachersPayTeachers is throwing a sitewide sale on Wednesday, February 25! This means that all customers will receive 10% off of the total purchase at checkout.  As a new shopkeeper, this is a super exciting time for me! There are many things to get ready for… So here they are… 5 ways to get ready for your TPT sitewide sale!

1. Get your resources posted and shared!-Get your resources posted on TPT before the sale. Sales generally bring in lots of traffic, so having as much of your inventory on as possible posted will be beneficial for you. Also, take the time to post them/pin them so people know about the great resources you have to offer!

2.Set your sale- I always like to set the 20% off recommended sale. I appreciate buying from sellers who offer their products at a discount, so I set it this way as well. This saves my customers 28% off of the price of the product! and the final 10% off… TPT covers. It’s at no additional cost to you!

3. Share your sale!- If you don’t have a sale/blog… get one! Get the word of the sitewide 10% off and also promote your own sale (28% off!!)!

4. Get your products linked! Linking your products to other similar products will help others find related resources they may also enjoy. If you’re not sure how to add clickable links to your products, check out my last blog article… a tutorial for adding links to TPT resources.

5. Coffee- Stock up.. and brew it! Too bad Dunkin doesn’t deliver.


These are just 5 ways I get ready as a seller… but I’m also a buyer, especially of awesome clipart. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s 5 steps to get ready for a sitewide sale as a customer!


-Jenn :-)


Adding Links to TPT resources product descriptions

I am officially three months into my TeachersPayTeachers and TeachersNotebook journey. It’s been super fun, and I am so excited to have this “hobby” (oh who am I kidding… it’s a part time job).

It’s been an interesting situation because I feel like I am spending my time balancing my family and children, planning for my class, blogging, working on teacherspayteachers resources, AND figuring out how to get them to sell? I have some products that I am super proud of, and I just want to share them with the world!… but how can I get people to find them?  TeachersPayTeachers is flooded with excellent resources and sometimes it can even be difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for.

So here’s my most recent way of sharing by linking from one product to other related products… which will hopefully help people find my resources.

Adding links to my other resources in product descriptions.

The easy way for just a link or 2:

1.Go to the TPT product you’d like to add a link to (edit product and go to the description)

2.Copy and paste this code into the description (usually after your product description).

<a href=”http://www.example.com/”>nameofproductgoeshere</a>

3.Open your Tpt store again in another tab and go to product listings. Select the product you’d like to link to.

Copy the URL (the http:// web address in the top browser bar)

4. Click back to your first tab- with the product description open.

Paste your link into the http://www.example.com/ part of the code (If you highlight the words http://www.example.com/ and then select Paste your words will automatically replace my sample words… which is what you want to do).

4.In the “nameofproductgoeshere”spot, simply delete sampletext and type your product name. These will be the words your viewers can see and click on.

This is what the link to my Dinosaurs Before Dark packet looks like with all the information entered:

dinosaur-sample-link5.Repeat steps for each link you’d like to add.

6.Save your product listing and VOILA!

This process is fine for including just a couple of links, but you do have to click back and forth a few times….


The easy way to add lots of links, or if you have lots of products:

1.Open a blank presentation/ word document. You will keep all your links here. I like to use a presentation (like powerpoint). I labeled slides with the categories of my projects before I even got started (“February Resources”, “Christmas Resources”  etc).

2.Copy and paste this code into your blank document. I copied and pasted it many times because I have many products I want to generate and organize links for.

<a href=”http://www.example.com/”>nameofproductgoeshere</a>


Here are what some of my slides looked like.

fiary-tale-linkschristmas-links animal-links

3.Open your Tpt store and go to product listings. Select the product you want to create a link for.

4.Paste your link into the “http://www.example.com/” part of the code (If you highlight the words http://www.example.com/ and then select Paste your words will automatically replace my sample words… which is what you want to do).


5. In the “nameofproductgoeshere”spot, simply delete sampletext and type your product name. These will be the words your viewers can see and click on.

Once I had all of my links in the proper format and sorted, I was ready to update my product listings.

6.Click on product listings and click “edit” for the product description you want to add links to.

7.Copy and paste the similar links (this is easy since I sorted mine by topic/like resources) in the product description. Usually these come AFTER your description of the packet.


I also went through to be sure that I wasn’t linking to the product that they were already viewing… So I just deleted that link after I pasted it into the description.

Oh and one more thing… You know all those “meaningless” and “strange”  symbols and letters in the code… well those are actually important. So if it doesn’t work, go back and check that you didn’t delete any of these things when you entered your information.

I hope this helped you to organize and share all of your great resources!

I also recently learned how to make my own banner image for facebook, TPT, and TN… but that’s for another post :-)




Paired Texts- Teaching with fiction & informational texts

As promised, I’m back discussing paired texts.

I hadn’t really thought a lot about pairing informational and fictional texts as an objective before the implementation of the Common Core. I’ll tell you what though, my students LOVE this concept and it adds a great amount of FUN and continuity to my instruction.

One thing my first graders  love about this concept is that we might spend the whole week, for example, learning, reading, and writing about bears. They are able to make lots of connections between the texts, and reread familiar texts. It also gives young children the opportunity to learn and ask questions in context. Sometimes that “wondering” doesn’t happen on demand with a first read of a story or introduction to a topic.

Pairing texts has also given me a wonderful opportunity to accomplish tackling all three modes of writing expected (narrative, opinion, and explanatory) in a really natural and thoughtful way.  For example, once students have learned about spiders, they can write facts about spiders, list the steps to make a spider out of paper/ other craft materials, tell whether they think spiders are “cute” or “creepy”, and write a story about a spider.


I feel like my students are learning how to be learners. They are engaging with books in a context that makes sense. They are making connections between texts and then across time. They are engaged and they are having FUN!

I generally like to use at least 1 fictional story, one informational book, one video(if available), and one poem. I have begun setting out to capture some of those paired text activities in some of my new resources. Although I wish I could include the poems and videos in these packs, those materials belong to someone else, and can’t be included. I usually find, however, that a simple pinterest or youtube search will bring me what I need in those areas.

So here they are: Paired text mini unit resources :-)

Raccoon paired text mini unit to use with The Kissing Hand and any informational text about raccoons. blog.printableprompts.com Paired Text Mini Unit to use with Click Clack Moo and any cow informational text. blog.printableprompts.com Paired Texts mini unit to use with If You Give A Pig a Pancake and any informational text about pigs. blog.printableprompts.com Paired text mini unit to use with If You Give a Moose a Muffin and any informational text about moose. blog.printableprompts.com




All About Animals! Informational text resources for the Common Core!

There is one thing I have learned as a first grade teacher… Kids LOVE animals! They love reading about them, writing about them, drawing them… pretending to be them.
So a combination between this realization, a need for research materials in my classroom, and the super cute clipart of TongassTeacher…. has produced my new animal literacy packs!

First it was Forest Animals….

Forest & Woodland Animal Pack! blog.printableprompts.com Forest & Woodland Animal Pack! blog.printableprompts.com

The children love completing the graphic organizers after reading some “just right” informational books. I got LOADS of nonfiction book packs which are just at their level with my Scholastic points for FREE!!! They also love completing the themed follow up sentence scramble and word scramble activities.

Then came Farm Friends …

Farm animals pack! blog.printableprompts.com Farm animals pack! blog.printableprompts.com Farm animals pack! blog.printableprompts.com


And most recently…. (drum roll please) Jungle Animals!

These resources are great for researching what we think of as jungle animals (although many of them are really safari/ savanna animals). As I was creating them, I kept thinking about my experiences at the zoo, so I’ve also included some “zoo” titled pages as well!

Jungle animals pack! blog.printableprompts.com Jungle animals pack! blog.printableprompts.com Jungle animals pack! blog.printableprompts.com


The kids absolutely ADORE these cut & glue letter scrambles.

See… informational text IS fun, engaging, and appropriate for early elementary.

The more I make, the longer my To Do list becomes! Actually thankful for the snowdays recently. They give me a “nap time” opportunity to get some resources made :-)

Comment below if there are any specific groups of animals you would like to see a pack of!

Coming up next… paired text mini units. Subscribe to stay tuned!