Henry and Mudge Teaching Resources

Henry and Mudge… a timeless duo and certainly a classroom favorite!

Henry and Mudge- Book companion bundle. blog.printableprompts.com

I have been busy creating book companions for a number of the Henry and Mudge books in the series. I have decided to offer this as a GROWING BUNDLE.

This means:

You pay the (discounted) bundle price when you purchase it.  The bundle is always discounted – even for the materials included. This is, in part because there is some overlap in the type of resources offered in the  products as I like to use a consistent format in my classroom to build independence.

THE EXCITING PART– By purchasing the bundle, you get to download any future additions to the bundle FOR FREE!

Each time I add a new product, the price of the bundle will reflect the added value, so the earlier you buy, the more bonus materials you get!

MORE EXCITING NEWS– Since there is some overlap, I also include bundle bonus materials with many of the packs just as an extra “Thank You!”

Right now, the bundle includes 4 book companions, and several pages of bonus materials, but in June, I will be adding another book companion (and the price will increase)… Check it out!



Bubbles! End of Year Activities

Bubbles Bubbles Everywhere!

It’s that sticky time of year, when my kids want to pop bubbles, but don’t want to blow them. So. of course, I am the sticky handed grown up, always losing my wand in the bottle and then fishing it out. It’s almost summertime!

My boys and I spent my day outside today playing with my children on our little bounce house, and it was FINALLY warm enough for them to get sweaty outside!  All that playing inspired me to take advantage of nap time and finish up my bubble fun pack!

This pack is a great way to include fun into academics for the end of the year,  summer school, or even just with your own children at home during the summer!

Check it out!

Bubble Fun Math and Literacy pack! blog.printableprompts.comBubble Fun Math and Literacy pack! blog.printableprompts.com Bubble Fun Math and Literacy pack! blog.printableprompts.com Bubble Fun Math and Literacy pack! blog.printableprompts.com

Sharks! Research Companion (Unpacking the Common Core too!)

June is on the horizon, so I’ve been busy creating resources to keep my almost second graders busy and engaged. Year after year I have students who are just HUNGRY to read and learn about different types of sharks. This research companion includes graphic organizers, fact book/research pages, a poetry project, and even some basic reading passages.

Shark research companion resources! Blog.printableprompts.com

And since I have been seriously behind in getting my Unpacking the Common Core posts done, I thought I would include a little of that here, shifting gears to Reading informational text and writing.


Reading:  By reading and collecting information, using the passages provided or any book or resource about sharks, students are meeting standard:

Identify the main topic and retell key details of a text.

Shark research companion resources! Blog.printableprompts.com

Writing: Once students have completed their research, there are a couple of different writing activities which meet the standards.

First, I have included a printable fact book for students to use to write about each type of shark.


Write informative/explanatory texts in which they name a topic, supply some facts about the topic, and provide some sense of closure.

Shark research companion resources! Blog.printableprompts.com Shark research companion resources! Blog.printableprompts.com Shark research companion resources! Blog.printableprompts.com

Second, I like to have students complete opinion writing before and after reading and learning. In this case, the prompt is highly engaging for young learners- Do you want to go diving in a shark cage?

For beginning learners, I provide a graphic organizer format first (included in the pack) to ensure that students have all the parts that are expected of them.

Write opinion pieces in which they introduce the topic or name the book they are writing about, state an opinion, supply a reason for the opinion, and provide some sense of closure.
Shark research companion resources! Blog.printableprompts.comShark research companion resources! Blog.printableprompts.com
I also love giving students the choice to present their research in a more creative way. I have included the materials and directions for completing a shape poem with facts and information about sharks. My students love completing these poems, and they really do help me see if my students were able to identify important information.
Shark research companion resources! Blog.printableprompts.com
So… here are three of the (first grade) standards for reading and writing met in a fun, engaging research project format.
As a note, I used these lessons in third grade, and my students loved this research just as much!  In fact, I see this resource as more geared towards grades 2-3, but first graders certainly could use it as well, especially at the end of the year!

Resources for teaching and practicing Diphthongs

Happy Wednesday! The week is over half over by now. I’ve been home with my sick little one for the past two days. It’s so difficult to balance being a mommy and a teacher. Knowing that my own children are the most important thing, but it doesn’t take away the teacher-guilt from being away.

Anyway, I am writing in the few minutes of nap time relief and I want to share some of the new phonics resources that I am super excited about.

Using one of my recent purchases from Educlips (featured as one of my favorite clip art artists) I created a series of diphthong practice activities.

I have long believed in the power of students seeing, saying, and moving in order to learn almost anything more effectively. This year, I’ve been really using this approach in my classroom. I have been using the chants and connecting these skills to the reading they are doing during reading groups, but I realized that I was lacking just a little more reinforcement practice. From that, my diphthong resources were born!

Each pack includes full page phonics posters with an anchor word (the chant and actions are included on the teaching notes pages). Each pack also includes word cards with matching pictures. Students can match the picture to the word (If you cut the picture part off), they can be used for word sorts, abc order, word wall cards… so many different things! I have also included practice pages (2 per diphthong) plus a couple of additional cute activities to use as a follow up in centers or during morning work time.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

aw/aw dipthong chant, practice, sort, and play activities. blog.printableprompts.com  ew-oo dipthong chant, practice, sort, and play activities. blog.printableprompts.com oi/oy dipthong chant, practice, sort, and play activities. blog.printableprompts.com \ow/ou dipthong chant, practice, sort, and play activities. blog.printableprompts.com


I have also decided to offer them bundled (all for packs for the price of 3!) I am so excited about this bundle, and know that as new skills are added it’s so nice to be able to incorporate the old skills as well for reinforcement. The common format of these packs helps to support their usefulness together and individually.

Diphthong chant, practice, sort, and play pack! blog.printableprompts.com

Purchasing Clip Art

My name is Jenn… and I’m addicted to clip art.

I was going to do another “Favorite Things” post , but I realized that it’s not really favorite things, more like favorite clip art.  I am too embarrassed to share how many clip art sets I purchased during the sale, but let’s just say It’ll be a busy summer creating with them!

Just 6 months ago I’ll admit, I thought one of my teacher friends (who is also on TPT) was insane for purchasing clip art. After spending countless hours searching for just the right images, I made my first purchase… and I didn’t regret it! Children (especially in early elementary) need visuals to support text. I’d actually argue that visuals are just as important to everyone- grown ups alike. So, now I’m writing from the other side of the coin and I’ll answer the question- in my opinion.

Why buy when you can get it for free?

1.  Copyright/ Permissions for commercial use-  Check out the copyright or terms of use for any clip art you use (free or purchased). You’d probably be as surprised as I was at how little you are allowed to use for “commerical” use, which is what TeachersPayTeachers is. I have found some of my favorite sellers (I’ll highlight a few at the end of this article) who allow for TeachersPayTeachers and usually limited small commercial use .

2. It saves time- If you have an idea for a resource, or already have one created, there’s nothing worse than going on a scavenger hunt for the different images you need. Half of the time, you can’t use what you find on TeachersPayTeachers anyways!

3. It’s pretty- It is a new “thing” of mine to have the clip art in my packs “match” at least within the pack.  It helps to make a more cohesive packet, especially when the pack is all about one certain topic or skill. This clip art is also created by talented artists who have taken the time to do this as a business, so they are bright, beautiful, relevant and worth it!

4. Black line/ Color- You have probably tried to copy a file or activity that is in color into black and white. Half the time you can’t tell what the image was of. Never mind if you end up making copies of copies over the year. Many clip art artists offer black line (black and white) and the color version. This is awesome for creating color vocab cards and center games and matching student activities pages which need to be copied for each student.

5. It’s an investment- When I started purchasing clip art that supported and enriched my resources, they started selling!

6. It supports other teachers and artists-  I actually feel kind of happy that somewhere, on the other end of that “purchase” button, someone who worked hard and created an awesome product is hearing “Chaching!”

I so appreciate the clip art artists that I use, so here are a few of my favorite artists and recent purchases!

     Awesome clip art artist! See a review on blog.printableprompts.com

This girl offers the cutest clip art sets. I love that they are “complete” and support and inspire some of my resources! I have used her clip art in my camping resources and have loads of cute summer clip art in products that are coming soon!  And one of the most awesome things is, she offers each set for 50% off for the first 48 hours (gets me every time!) So definitely follow her/ find her on facebook so you can get updates about the new products that are offered.

Here’s one of the super sets I recently purchased.

Carnival clip art set by Educlips- see a review at blog.printableprompts.com


Awesome clip art artist! See a review on blog.printableprompts.com 

I love the style of this awesome clip art artist. She has the cutest “stitch” style that accents so many of the sets I love. I really love her animal sets, and have used them in all of my animal packs so far. She also has some really versatile “toppers” and kid sets which can match many of the characters for text studies. Plus, she offers some super cute freebies, like “A Sweet Lil Raccoon” which I used in my Kissing Hand Pack.

Here’s one of her sets I purchased during the sale:

Apples clip art set by Teaching in the Tongass- see a review at blog.printableprompts.com

Get ready for a fall apple pack!


Awesome clip art artist! See a review on blog.printableprompts.com

Krista Wallden is one of my absolute favorites. I have featured her art on my current blog design. She offers the most bright and vibrant clip art I have ever come across. She is a true artist and it shines through in all of her work.  She offers loads of wonderful seasonal sets along with bright accents,  the most wonderful doodle borders, and even some snazzy fonts, which give my products a little more pizzazz.She also offers graphic clubs and “surprises”.  She offers these as a huge discount, but you do not see the clip art sets included until the specified date. I was skeptical at first about purchasing something before I ever saw it, but once I began using her work and seeing samples of some of her graphics club sets, I was sold. I recently enjoyed her Teacher appreciation pack, which she updated with a new set every day during Teacher Appreciation week. It felt like I had a present to open each day!  She usually lists these at a n additional discount when they first come available, so I always grab those up right away ( follow her on facebook to get updates!). She also just started selling the most wonderful paper goods, such as notepads and postcards.

Here’s one of her sets I purchased during the sale.

Kids clip art set by Krista Wallden- See a review on blog.printableprompts.com

The uses for this versatile set are endless!

So, all in all, I am addicted to clip art. I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing… but it’s the truth. After all, my products are only as good as their graphics. :-)

(The Start of) Summer Teaching and Camp Resources

Can you believe summer is just around the corner? I certainly can’t! It’s that bittersweet dash until the finish line. The kiddos are DEFINITELY in full spring fever swing, just in time for end of year assessments. I admit, I get kind of excited for assessments. I always feel so proud of their hard work and kind of sad to send them on when there’s still so much we can do ( I know.. I know.. they will all have wonderful second grade teachers who will do the job).

With that, I have started working on some of my summer resources. I’ve posted just the first one so far


Camping Summer fun resources! Blog.printableprompts.com  camping-journal1

This pack is perfect for an outdoor summer camp setup, complete with a camp journal and tons of options as to what kind of journal pages students will complete.  The variety of journal covers (Camping Journal, Camp Journal, and Outdoor Journal) also make this an excellent pack to use if you’re planning an outdoor field trip. There are pages to record observations and report on the day.

How could I not pair this with Henry and Mudge and the Starry Night? I know some teachers probably use camping/ camp as a fun way to end the year, so I wanted to be sure to include some great resources for those teachers who won’t be out marching through the woods with their students. So. there are also writing activities (How to make a s’more YUM!) and a couple of cute basic math games and activities.  And of course I paired the book in a bundle with my Henry and Mudge comprehension resources to make it more classroom friendly!

Check it out here!

Camping and Henry and Mudge bundle. blog.printableprompts.com

Happy Camping!


Mothers’ Day

I am wishing a VERY happy Mothers’ Day to all of the wonderful, dedicated mothers out there. I am so thankful for my own, and for each day and memory that we get to have together. Yesterday I brought my two boys to go see her at a campground where I celebrated Mothers’ day by (literally) playing on the playground with my mom and kids.. SO MUCH FUN!


Being a mom to my two little boys has been, by far, the biggest blessing in my life. My children bring me laughter, smiles, love, hugs, and cheer with each passing day.

I’ll admit, they sometimes also bring me migraines, gray hair, and exhaustion.

On this day, I am super thankful for my children. They love me when I’m at my best, snuggling up with a movie, holding their hands as we march down Main Street at the Magic Kingdom, or tucking them in each night.

But they also love me when I’m at my worst. 6 am morning breath, snapping “Get your shoes on for the 10th time”, barricading myself in the kitchen with coffee and Dr. Phil after a long day of work. They are my world, they are my motivation.

10557608_10203946198592904_9056920033491167281_o 11096424_10205849995866646_7268197263931432970_o


Their pictures sit on my desk, motivate me through the day, and make the bittersweet end of the school year extra sweet.

Happy Mothers’ Day!



May classroom resources, printables, journal, and fun!

It has been a while since I did an overview of my new resources, so I thought I would share some of the new things I love to use in the classroom, and am sharing on TeachersPayTeachers and TeachersNotebook.

First, and one of my favorites, is the May Writing pack.

These packs started out just with the printable journals, but have grown into much more. As I have noted the demands in my classroom for Opinion, Narrative,and Informative writing in a number of formats, I’ve taken some time to add other activities for the month/season.

Check it out here!

May writing resources & Printable Journal! Blog.printableprompts.com May writing resources & Printable Journal! Blog.printableprompts.com


My students are also just DEVOURING informational books, and are all about researching and creating fact books, especially about animals. Well, they are JUST as excited to research the creepy crawly BUGS! in our lives.

I’ve included research materials for Bugs, Garden writing resources (some parts overlap with May Writing Pack), and a cute buggy spinner game (perfect for math centers!)

Check this one out here!

Resources for research, writing and fun about Bugs and Gardens! Blog.printableprompts.comResources for research, writing and fun about Bugs and Gardens! Blog.printableprompts.com Resources for research, writing and fun about Bugs and Gardens! Blog.printableprompts.com Resources for research, writing and fun about Bugs and Gardens! Blog.printableprompts.com Resources for research, writing and fun about Bugs and Gardens! Blog.printableprompts.com

I have also added a new Paired Text pack with teaching resources to go with Make Way for Ducklings, as well as researching Ducks.

Make Way for Ducklings and Ducks Research-A Paired Text Pack. Blog.printableprompts.com

Added Australian Animals and Arctic Animals to my animal themed packs:

Research and Literacy activities about Australian Animals! Blog.printableprompts.com Research and Literacy activities about Arctic Animals! Blog.printableprompts.com


Coming soon… rainforest animals!


Perhaps one of my biggest projects has been working on my Henry and Mudge Bundle. I have each of the packs for four books available, and I’m offering them at a discount in a GROWING BUNDLE! There’s more about that in the item description, and I’ll include more in another post. Check it out now here:

Henry and Mudge written response, opinion, expository and narrative writing resources! blog.printableprompts.com


I’m also now working on some cute summer resources great for the end of the year, summer school, homeschool, or even parents looking to practice skills over the summer!




Free Teacher Appreciation Printables

I know I’ve already posted about Teacher Appreciation week, but while thinking about a good way for my son to write to his teacher, I created a little card template.

I went from one card template… to two… to three. Then “Maybe i’ll just post these so other people can use them.”  Then “Oh, but what if the students want to make a class book”.. and so on.

The result- my 16 page packet of free printables great for Teacher Appreciation week.  My guess is that they’ll be most useful for school staff members, parents, or even PTO/PTA members who want to celebrate teachers.

So… Enjoy!

Don’t forget to leave feedback and give me a follow in  my TPT shop :-)


My Biggest Aspiring Teacher Mistake

It’s spring… and springtime means spring cleaning! This year, my family decided to really get rid of things we haven’t used in over a year. My 3 year old and 7 year old were right with us on this! So we assembled boxes and tables for a yard sale this past weekend. We had several little boxes with kids odds and ends (Buzz Light Year missing his wing, A Woody Hat with no Woody…) you know.. the things the kids were willing to part with. Then there were random household things, loads of baby things (even though my “baby” is three now, it was so sad to say goodbye to that infant stroller), and then… an entire table full of teacher junk.

I realized as I set up the table that I had been hoarding teacher materials long before I was a teacher. I always knew I wanted to teach, and it seemed like high school and college were taking forever. So,what did I do? I made my biggest “aspiring teacher” mistake- I stocked up on junk I thought a teacher might be able to use for when I someday had a classroom. This was a bad idea for several reasons:

1. You don’t know what you need until you have your class sitting in front of you. I had no idea what grade I would teach, so I just bought anything I saw that was cheap/on sale that I thought I might need. In addition, if you are fortunate, your district may actually provide crayons- Wait, you mean that stack of 20 boxes of crayons I bought 5 years ago was unnecessary? Those posters and banners still in their packages that I was planning to someday hang on the walls? My walls are actually covered with my students’ work, I don’t need the posters anyway!

2. Times change- many of the things I bought were outdated 8 years later. One prime example of this is all of the calendar pieces I purchased. I use my SmartBoard for calendar each day now.

3. Things get ruined. Did I really expect those “smelly stickers” to keep their “smell”? They didn’t even keep their “stick”!

4. There is a reason those items were on clearance-None of the teachers wanted them. This is the same reason I caution against taking a huge stack (filling the entire back of my little civic) of boxes of books and old resources from veteran teachers. If you aren’t sure that you’ll use it, or don’t know how you’d use it… pass. I have taken so many things that other teachers didn’t want. Once in a while I picked up a good read.. but largely, those same stacks of books in those same boxes emerged from my attic untouched and are now sitting out in my yard with a “Free” sign. And.. here I am starting the cycle all over again.

So I guess my lesson was that I was so in love with the idea of teaching that I thought spending my hard earned minimum wage high school dollars on posters and old books was a good idea- and it wasn’t.

My suggestions-

*Save the money- Trust me, you’ll have plenty of years ahead of you where you will spend PLENTY of your money on things you know your students need.

* If you want a “gift” from a veteran teacher, spend a few hours in his/her classroom. You’ll learn more there than from any book.

Moral of the story- My attic is thankfully a little emptier, my back is a little sore from all that lifting, and I still love my job more than I ever imagined I would.