Little Red Hen Printable Resources

So, just when I thought I was finished (for now) creating fairy tale activities, Educlips came out with the cutest Little Red Hen set I have ever seen! I love using this book to teach theme & author’s message, so I started compiling the resources I use and jazzing them up with super cute graphics. The result is… The Little Red Hen book companion!

Little Red Hen Story Companion! Little Red Hen Story Companion!

Printable Back to School & September Writing

Getting ready to go back to school is a happy-sad completely bitter sweet thing!  I have just finished fixing up my September writing activities. I designed this pack to meet the needs of a Back to School journal as well, even including a cover that says Back to School and one that says September. This way, if you’re like me and have a few days of school in August, you’re all set!

September Writing Activities!

I like to get students writing by offering a number of prompts to them. I prefer to print all the prompts together along with some of the Back to School paper templates for free choice writing. In the past, I’ve started off by asking everyone to write about the same thing. For second graders, you could even print this journal and have students choose over the course of the month to complete writing at their own pace.

September Writing Activities!

Topics included are:

-Back to school

-Beginning of Fall

-Labor Day

-Constitution Day

September Writing Activities!

The Make a List pages are great for beginning of the year centers.

September Writing Activities!

I also like to include the card writing templates. At the beginning of the year for my first graders, I usually only print the cover page, and leave the inside blank. However, in the pack I have included letter writing template lines so you can print double sided, fold, and go!

September Writing Activities!

It’s on sale for a limited time, so check it out!



7 Favorite Myrtle Beach Places!

Well it’s been a week since I thought much about anything but fun and sun! We spent the week in Myrtle Beach with my grandparents, where they have a home.

It was a week filled with memories and fun. According to GoogleMaps, from CT, it’s about 12 hours away. According to our clock, with 2 little boys and countless rest stops, it was closer to 17. Either way, we had so many fun adventures!

A few of our favorite MUST SEE’s if you are headed that way are:

1. The BEACH! We live near the ocean in our own home, but it’s awesome to be near the big rolling waves that South Carolina has to offer!


2.Broadway at the Beach- This place was SUPER fun! There are countless restaurants, unique shops, Ripley’s Aquarium, and even fireworks on Tuesday nights!  It was so much fun to walk around and take in the South Carolina summer feel.


3.Ripley’s Aquarium- We visited this attraction our first day, and boy oh boy, it was a favorite for my boys! We all loved the amazing shark tunnel inside. It was incredible!

IMG_8476 IMG_8484 IMG_8503

4. Family Kingdom- This amusement park is right across the street from the beach.  It had more rides than I could count for my little ones, both between 32-52 inches.  Many of those rides did have a maximum height of 52, so my 51″ tall son was a little sad he would outgrow them by next time! One of the best things about this place is that you can either purchase a ride band (for about 30 bucks) and ride unlimited rides, or you can purchase tickets ( 1 something each) and most rides are between 2 and 5 tickets. If you don’t want to ride, you don’t have to pay at all! We also found out that they offer a local discount, so my grandparents were able to take advantage of that!

IMG_8615 IMG_8588

5. Market Commons- This place reminded me of a really unique shopping mall. It is arranged in a “block” rather than strip mall format and had wonderful shops and restaurants. Our favorite part was the Movie theater, with stadium seating, comfy leather chairs, and excellent matinee prices. We finally saw the Minions movie, which the boys loved. It was a great way to escape the heat!

6. Joe’s Diner by the Airport- Yes that’s really the name of this cute little diner. The service was excellent and the food was good. It has the perfect southern diner feel. We really enjoyed it!

IMG_8658 IMG_8659

7. Carolina Roadhouse- This was one of our favorite places to eat. I ordered the Killer Dog, simply because it’s their specialty. Apparently foot long hot dogs there are quite a bit thicker and meatier than here! I felt full just from looking at it! The prices were reasonable and the service was awesome!         IMG_8653

I know this is a teaching blog, but I, for one, wait all year long for the chance to enjoy summer fun like this!

Road Trip Fun!

As I pack and plan for my families 12 hour road trip, I was trying to think of fun ways to keep my kiddos busy on the ride.

I developed a freebie to share with a couple of fun activities we are going to use.

road tripcover


As I scoured pinterest, I also found a couple of other cute ideas I plant o use along the way.

Traveling with Kids for the Holidays? Don't leave home without this idea - Use sticky note time tabs for your next road trip and you will thrive instead of survive.  Full details in post. - Neat Nest Organizing

Pick some times and give a snack or prize(activity) along the way! I guess my only fear with this one is traffic that lengthens the trip. Maybe a couple of extra things would be a good idea :-)


Here’s another similar idea for them to track where they are!

Travel Bags  Great ideas for any road trip. Will put some of these in place for trip with Grandkids next month.


Any my FAVORITE, especially for having two little boys…

PIN FOR LATER - You’ll love this genius way to let the kids take legos on road trips AND keep them organized!


More Summer Resources- The Watermelon Seed & Watermelon

I’ve just posted a brand new Watermelon fun pack.

It’s inspired by the super cute clip art of EduClips, one of my favorite summer stories written by Greg Pizzoli, and my own unwritten (until now) tale.

Watermelon is delicious, sweet, a tasty treat… and the fear of watermelon those-big black seeds -also haunted my childhood. I blame it on my dad. He innocently, I suppose, told me that if you ate the black watermelon seeds, a watermelon would grow in your tummy.  He went so far as to say that the white seeds were fine, but not the black ones.

Little did he know, I had already eaten one prior to his warning.

Tick tock tick tock… I  waited and waited, checking my tummy in the mirror constantly. The next morning I felt fine. I decided to share the good news with my dad. I told my dad that I had eaten a seed and nothing happened. That was when he said the words… simple to an adult, but a life sentence to a child…”Oh… it takes seven years to grow.”  There was no smirk, no tell tale wink, just a stone serious face. I didn’t say anything, didn’t express concern, just walked away.

Days passed and soon the fear didn’t consume me, but each time I saw a watermelon, it returned. I never mentioned it again.

Until fifth grade. we were having a class party and someone brought a big bowl of watermelon. I approached my teachers desk and whispered “Is it true if you eat a black seed a watermelon grows in your tummy in seven years?” She smiled, and gently chuckled. “No dear, it’s not true, they just don’t taste very good.” …and a sigh of relief.

I know… I know… I’m being dramatic again.

I feel like I should give some kind of disclaimer. My dad did not regularly torture me in this way. In fact, I never asked him about it again, so he had no way of knowing how often I thought of it. I love my dad dearly. He has always been, and continues to be a huge part of  my life and my children’s lives. He is kind, caring, generous, and a very very hard worker. He is funny, a creator of silly made up words, and teller of silly tales (if only I knew the tale of the watermelon was one of them).

In 2013, that little crocodile make his grand appearance in The Watermelon Seed and it felt as if he was telling my story! If only I had thought to burp- 😉 .   Since then it has become one of my all time favorite end of the year and summer stories.

Now, thanks to (sarcastic) GMO watermelon without the seeds AND the story The Watermelon Seed, I can enjoy the tasty summer treat panic-free.

Check out the pack here:

Watermelon Fun resources! blog.printableprompts.comI’ve included research companion, comprehension, writing, and even a math resource!Watermelon Fun resources! Watermelon Fun resources! Watermelon Fun resources!


Addition Within 10- Printable Resources

I’ve been busy developing lots of resources for language arts that align to the Common Core, but my math resources have been a little fewer and definitely further between.

I am starting back where we start in 1st grade: Addition within 10.

Since I love using a Guided Math Group approach, I really enjoy having grab and go type center games and activities to keep the kiddos busy and learning!

Check out my Addition Within 10 resources here!

Addition within 1- Grade 1 Common Core aligned math games and practice!

The pack includes practice pages, games and activities for:

*Addition number sentences

*Part-part-whole mat (adding to sums of 10)

*Using a number line (with a fun bunny game)

*Ways to make numbers

*Using a 10 frame

*Ways to make 10

*True and False

Here are some examples!

Addition within 1- Grade 1 Common Core aligned math games and practice! blog.printableprompts.comAddition within 1- Grade 1 Common Core aligned math games and practice! blog.printableprompts.comAddition within 1- Grade 1 Common Core aligned math games and practice! blog.printableprompts.comAddition within 1- Grade 1 Common Core aligned math games and practice! blog.printableprompts.comAddition within 1- Grade 1 Common Core aligned math games and practice!


TPT seller timesaver

Summer offers me lots of fun times with my own kiddos and time to develop new products, but it also offers me time to find myself ways to save time.

I have 122 products in my TPT store and I have retyped/recreated the credit and terms page for each and every one of these products. When I am finished preparing a packet to post, the last thing I want to do is design a cute credit page and toy with hyperlinking etc.

SO… today I created a separate file called “credit page” . Now I can easily copy/paste these pages to the end of every pack, and they are all prelinked to the clip art artists I use, along with my own facebook page, blog, and store. Now I can just make a few minor adjustments and VOILA my end pages are ready. Wahoo for ridding my products of boring boring final pages!  I’m feeling kind of silly that I didn’t just take the time to do this before, but, you know teachers and moms are both busy roles to play :-)

Here’s what they look like!

credits-pages1 credits-pages


Next up: creating pages with links to related resources.