Election Day Printables

Although Halloween is tomorrow it’s not the spooky creatures that scare me…

*It’s the fact that the election is only just over a week away.

I am choosing not to do a lot of discussion about the different candidates with my first graders, however we will do pondering of these questions:

*What does a president do?

*What makes a good president?

*Would the characters in our stories make good presidents?

*Vote for Me! (I could make a good president)

*If I were president…

*What can kids vote about?

*Take a class vote! (using paper ballots)

I have these resources all posted at 50% off through election day in my TPT shop!

Check it out here!

Election Day and Voting resources!Election Day and Voting resources for little learners!

New Adventures with Usborne Books & More

So It as been a crazy year of new adventures!

We are expecting our third child (a girl!) in February, so after spending the summer sick as a dog, I am spending the school year fighting off germs! My little one is in Kindergarten this year and he’s also been sick most of the year!

I also recently went to an Usborne Books & More party and fell in love!

As a teacher I love how the books (even the ones designed for young infants) so cleverly introduce concepts about print including finger tracking, looking and finding, etc.

I love them so much that I decided to start my own little journey as a consultant! If you’d like to follow that journey on facebook, join my VIP page!

If you are interested in the wonders of Usborne & More, you can also view the online catalog and order HERE!

I will continue to share TPT resources of course, as that’s a huge focus, but if I can share these awesome, engaging books with others too.. why not have double the fun!!


What a start!

So I’ve been absent…. a lot! Life has gotten crazy!

First, we found out at the end of last school year that we are expecting our third child! I have two boys (now 5 and 8) and now we are expecting a little girl in February. As a result I spent the entire summer sick in bed.

I also found out just a couple of weeks before the school year began that I Was going to be transferred to a new school (still first grade). I am really enjoying all of the new learning opportunities that come with being a part of a new team, and they are beyond supportive. I also miss my old team, classroom, and routines. It’s been very busy just trying to keep up with the school stuff, especially with my lower energy level.

My youngest son also has terrible asthma, which has been exacerbated by the shared germs of a 22 new kindergarten friends in his class.

So … it’s been a wild start!

I’ve also been pouting a bit since the TPT algorithm change, which totally cut my sales about in 1/3 of what they had been previously, so instead of creating new things to post, I’ve been trying to research and figure out how to make my products more searchable to the right audience!

I am ready now to begin sharing about some of the fun that comes with the first months of school, so stay tuned for more to come!