New Adventures with Usborne Books & More

So It as been a crazy year of new adventures!

We are expecting our third child (a girl!) in February, so after spending the summer sick as a dog, I am spending the school year fighting off germs! My little one is in Kindergarten this year and he’s also been sick most of the year!

I also recently went to an Usborne Books & More party and fell in love!

As a teacher I love how the books (even the ones designed for young infants) so cleverly introduce concepts about print including finger tracking, looking and finding, etc.

I love them so much that I decided to start my own little journey as a consultant! If you’d like to follow that journey on facebook, join my VIP page!

If you are interested in the wonders of Usborne & More, you can also view the online catalog and order HERE!

I will continue to share TPT resources of course, as that’s a huge focus, but if I can share these awesome, engaging books with others too.. why not have double the fun!!


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