New Adventures with Usborne Books & More

So It as been a crazy year of new adventures!

We are expecting our third child (a girl!) in February, so after spending the summer sick as a dog, I am spending the school year fighting off germs! My little one is in Kindergarten this year and he’s also been sick most of the year!

I also recently went to an Usborne Books & More party and fell in love!

As a teacher I love how the books (even the ones designed for young infants) so cleverly introduce concepts about print including finger tracking, looking and finding, etc.

I love them so much that I decided to start my own little journey as a consultant! If you’d like to follow that journey on facebook, join my VIP page!

If you are interested in the wonders of Usborne & More, you can also view the online catalog and order HERE!

I will continue to share TPT resources of course, as that’s a huge focus, but if I can share these awesome, engaging books with others too.. why not have double the fun!!


What a start!

So I’ve been absent…. a lot! Life has gotten crazy!

First, we found out at the end of last school year that we are expecting our third child! I have two boys (now 5 and 8) and now we are expecting a little girl in February. As a result I spent the entire summer sick in bed.

I also found out just a couple of weeks before the school year began that I Was going to be transferred to a new school (still first grade). I am really enjoying all of the new learning opportunities that come with being a part of a new team, and they are beyond supportive. I also miss my old team, classroom, and routines. It’s been very busy just trying to keep up with the school stuff, especially with my lower energy level.

My youngest son also has terrible asthma, which has been exacerbated by the shared germs of a 22 new kindergarten friends in his class.

So … it’s been a wild start!

I’ve also been pouting a bit since the TPT algorithm change, which totally cut my sales about in 1/3 of what they had been previously, so instead of creating new things to post, I’ve been trying to research and figure out how to make my products more searchable to the right audience!

I am ready now to begin sharing about some of the fun that comes with the first months of school, so stay tuned for more to come!


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Good luck, happy shopping, and happy new year!

End of the Year Activities

O.M.G How terrible. I have not updated since March! Time has just gotten away from me!

So what’s new?
The school year is almost over and I can almost smell summer!

I am so excited to be gearing up for some of my favorite end of the year fun activities to keep them excited and learning until the very last day!

The last week of school, we’ll have 5 themed fun days !

Fun In the Sun Day!

My students are in love with math spinner games. They all focus on building fact fluency, but the students never get tired of them! They’re also great because I can challenge my higher learners and support my struggling mathematicians with the same game.



We’ll also use some of the resources from my BEACH unit and have a beach blanket reading time out on the grass with our beach towels.

We always do a game day one of the days where the children bring in a game from home.
This year we re also going to have Fairy Tale Day. We have read tons of fairy tales and used resources from my fairy tale pack. The students will then work in teams to reread the stories and create stick puppets from their fairy tales. They write a written retell as a group and assign rolls and then perform for the whole class! It’s so cool to watch them step back and really take ownership of this big job!



The year wouldn’t be complete without BUBBLE DAY!

I am super excited to use these bubble resources again. The students love bubble day! Who knew you could make bubble wands out of pipe cleaners?

Bubble Fun- Great for the end of the year!


This year my fruit loving first graders are going to LOVE Watermelon day! I bring in some watermelon, we use describing words and our five senses. Then, we  read The Watermelon Seed and do some Watermelon themed math.

So there it is… the last week of school in a nutshell. I’m super excited for it, since I know my students this year are going to love it just as much as my students have in the past!


April Word Problem Practice

Just added to my shop!

April Word Problem Practice- First grade!

These are an awesome, awesome spiral review practice for word problems for my first graders. My students are becoming so much more independent at attempting to solve problems independently. They are also really exploring which representations help them to solve problems. One great example is there is one problem that is 14-7… so many of my first graders tried to draw a ten rod and then 4 ones. Some of them were stumped as to why their representation didn’t work for them. The rich math discussion that followed was an awesome fundamental regrouping discussion that was just right for them. It is awesome to see them willing to take chances, try to solve, and have confidence in sharing their solutions. They are also developing more descriptive questions, rather than “What do I do?”, their questions sound like “Why is there a number for an extra class on the table?” (extra information is included in some of the problems), or “How do I make my equation match my picture?”.  It’s also helping them to think about what answering the question means….  so many times they think the answer must be a number, but this is not so when you are asking them to compare two teams, for example.


I’m in love with the kind of math thinkers these journals are helping me to develop. Check out the April pack!


Easter Word Problems- Freebie!

Hello there! This has been a wildly crazy month and it’s not about to get any less crazy!

We are starting the week with a “snow” day. I thought here in New England, we were a little more daring about driving in the (lack of) snow, but I’m making the most of the day and trying to be productive.

I also know with Easter coming this weekend, my students are going to be beaming with excitement. I have learned as an elementary teacher, you can’t fight the excitement that kids come to school with, you have to embrace it. So here are some of the math word problems they’ll be using at their centers this week! (FREEBIE)

Easter Word Problems

I’ve also got my Easter math center and printables all ready to go!


Easter Printables! Bunny spinner math center!


8 Roll and Record Games for Math Centers!

One of my biggest pushes for teaching math is small group instruction with practice/ support centers . In my classroom, I use a rotation. One of the biggest challenges with this approach is the prep required to keep up with centers. Today, I’ll share one of my favorite “growing” centers that is really no prep!

I have been building Roll and Record routines to support our math activities since the beginning of the year! The best part is, I use the same recording sheet for almost all of the roll and record activities, which  helps the students focusing on practicing the new skill at hand. My students have named them “levels”, so I’ll jump on board with that in  my description.

Level 1: Using “regular” six sided dice.

Roll and record math center!


You can also use dice with the numbers instead of dots. This is also a great way to build fluency using strategies other than counting the dots.

Roll and record math center!

Level 2: Counting on to add.

I actually used little stickers on one die per child to create dice that have 1, 2, or 3 dots.

Then they roll a die with a numeral on it, rather than the dots and one of the dotted dice to practice using counting on as a strategy.

Roll and record math center!


Level 3: Up the ante and use a 1,2, or 3 dotted die as well as a 10 sided die!

Roll and record math center!

Level 4: Practice doubles by rolling one “regular” die and doubling it to get the sum!

Roll and record math center!

Level 5: Practice doubles with by rolling a 10 sided die and doubling the number!

Roll and record math center!

Level 6: Roll one 1- sided die to signify the number of 10s, and one ten sided die to signify the number of ones. Record as expanded form on the page! You can also use the fancy dice with multiples of 10 (pictured below).

Roll and record math center!

Level 7: Adding within 100!

Roll 2 10 sided dice to create a 2 digit number. Then, roll a “regular” six sided die to count on/ add that many more!

Roll and record math center!

Level 8 (Where we are now!): Adding tens to a 2 digit number.

Roll 2 10 sided dice to create a 2 digit number, then roll a 6 sided die and add that many tens! I actually have a die that has tens on each side (my husband used to be into Dungeons and Dragons, but that is a completely different discussion).

Roll and record math center!

You can also amp this up for multiplication, have students subtract (on the write in the symbol page) the smaller number from the larger number.

These simple games are AMAZING for centers, awesome for practicing skill fluency, AND most importantly INCREDIBLE for differentiation! I have some students who are still practicing their basic facts with two 6 sided dice… they are playing the same game as their peers, just a different version!

Here is roll-and-record freebie pack which includes basic recording sheets!

roll-and-record-pageRoll and record math center!


Do you have any other suggestions? Share them in the comments!