Favorite Back To School Resources

It's no secret that Back To School time creeps into the minds of teachers about this time of year. I would love to take a moment to share some awesome back to school must haves. Some are my personal faves and some come recommended my teacher friends. These are units and bundles that'll give you [...]

4 Ingredients of Effective Sight Word Practice

Last post I shared with you about how color coding the sight words in my classroom helped with practice, management, and ultimately helped my students to learn their sight words more effectively. We all know, however, that mastering those words takes more than just hanging them on a word wall, or introducing them at morning [...]

Getting Sight Words to Stick: Color coding the words

As a first grade teacher, I have recognized that one of the biggest indicators of my students' reading success is their sight word knowledge. This is especially important for my struggling kiddos because they are spending so much time and "thinking space" in their brains working to decode all the other words. These struggling readers [...]

To My Son’s Kindergarten Teacher

Dear Miss K, Thank you. Thank you for bringing him joy. Thank you for being the smiling teacher who is "very pretty with golden hair."  Thank you for the "good day sticker" smack dab in the middle of his forehead every day, evidence of a day filled with laughter. Thank you for calling him "handsome" [...]

Favorite Podcasts!

Hey there! So baby Ellie and I are home hanging out and working on finishing up some TPT products while I'm home on my "parenthood leave." We like to listen as we work. So far we have our number 1 FAVE podcast, which is Ear Biscuits with Rhett and Link (who also host our favorite [...]