Winter Math Freebies!

"Teachers get 12 whole days off at Christmas." Yeah right! I, myself, have been trying to get ahead and prepared for the return to the long month of January, we have report cards due, parent-teacher meetings, PLC meetings... the list goes on and on. So these days off are a balance between getting all ready, [...]

The Phonics Dance – Magic!

When I was moved to teach first grade, I knew the most difficult part of teaching young readers was going to be teaching them to decode. I had taught first graders before, and the phonics instruction was boring and I often saw very little application to my students' reading and decoding. I went to a [...]

Peer Cooperative Problem Solving

  Click below for materials to launch Super Problem Solvers in your classroom! I have spent huge parts of my academic day solving the case of the missing brown crayon, the girl who accidentally stepped on another students toe, or a child who cut in line.  I began to realize that these students were depending solely [...]

More Math Monday!

Happy More Math Monday! In my classroom, I use a guided math approach during math time, so I use math games and centers daily. I have recently created some fun games and activities that my students have enjoyed again and again. One of my (and their) favorite things to do is "Write the Room" type [...]

It’s Holiday time!

Christmastime is my FAVORITE time of year. It is also one of the most challenging times of year for teachers. The children are abuzz with excitement and anticipation of all of the holiday celebrations and festivities. One problem I have been running into is a lack of interesting resources for my beginning readers (who still [...]