4 Word Walls that Work!

So as I began my first year in first grade, I felt like every day I was walking into another teachers' classroom thinking: "Oops, I forgot to do that!" or "I think I should hang that up too." One of those things was  a word wall, so I promptly headed to the store, bought a [...]

Fairy Tales Classroom Activities

I have to admit- I believe in fairy tales... and so do my students. My latest mission has been to really focus in on ways to create classroom materials that are: 1. Useful for my students 2.Help me make connections between the different lessons I am teaching 3. Useful for readers like YOU! Most recently, [...]

Bundle Up! Daily Deal

Daily Deal! Stock up on over 350 pages of winter fun literacy, math, journal, and writing paper templates. I have bundled a bunch of great winter resources together for super low price... so bundle up!   Today (Friday January 9) only 40% off of the bundle price for huge savings!

3 Ways TPT Makes Me a Better Teacher

Travel back in time with me about 6 weeks. I decided late November to begin posting some of my "byproducts" as my husband calls them, to teacherspayteachers. I have to admit, I have become a little bit addicted to creating products... and I feel like it's making me a better teacher. Here's what I have [...]