Henry and Mudge Teaching Resources

Henry and Mudge... a timeless duo and certainly a classroom favorite! I have been busy creating book companions for a number of the Henry and Mudge books in the series. I have decided to offer this as a GROWING BUNDLE. This means: You pay the (discounted) bundle price when you purchase it.  The bundle is [...]

Bubbles! End of Year Activities

Bubbles Bubbles Everywhere! It's that sticky time of year, when my kids want to pop bubbles, but don't want to blow them. So. of course, I am the sticky handed grown up, always losing my wand in the bottle and then fishing it out. It's almost summertime! My boys and I spent my day outside [...]

Resources for teaching and practicing Diphthongs

Happy Wednesday! The week is over half over by now. I've been home with my sick little one for the past two days. It's so difficult to balance being a mommy and a teacher. Knowing that my own children are the most important thing, but it doesn't take away the teacher-guilt from being away. Anyway, [...]

Purchasing Clip Art

My name is Jenn... and I'm addicted to clip art. I was going to do another "Favorite Things" post , but I realized that it's not really favorite things, more like favorite clip art.  I am too embarrassed to share how many clip art sets I purchased during the sale, but let's just say It'll [...]

Mothers’ Day

I am wishing a VERY happy Mothers' Day to all of the wonderful, dedicated mothers out there. I am so thankful for my own, and for each day and memory that we get to have together. Yesterday I brought my two boys to go see her at a campground where I celebrated Mothers' day by [...]

Free Teacher Appreciation Printables

I know I've already posted about Teacher Appreciation week, but while thinking about a good way for my son to write to his teacher, I created a little card template. I went from one card template... to two... to three. Then "Maybe i'll just post these so other people can use them."  Then "Oh, but [...]

My Biggest Aspiring Teacher Mistake

It's spring... and springtime means spring cleaning! This year, my family decided to really get rid of things we haven't used in over a year. My 3 year old and 7 year old were right with us on this! So we assembled boxes and tables for a yard sale this past weekend. We had several [...]