Little Red Hen Printable Resources

So, just when I thought I was finished (for now) creating fairy tale activities, Educlips came out with the cutest Little Red Hen set I have ever seen! I love using this book to teach theme & author's message, so I started compiling the resources I use and jazzing them up with super cute graphics. [...]

Printable Back to School & September Writing

Getting ready to go back to school is a happy-sad completely bitter sweet thing!  I have just finished fixing up my September writing activities. I designed this pack to meet the needs of a Back to School journal as well, even including a cover that says Back to School and one that says September. This [...]

Free Teaching Resources- Giveaway #5

Welcome to Giveaway #5! Remember, there are 5 winners on TeachersNotebook, and I'll choose an additional winner from my Facebook page! This week I'm giving away my Watermelon Pack! I'm also offering the Watermelon and Camping packs (current and past giveaway) at 40% off in my TeachersNotebook shop!

7 Favorite Myrtle Beach Places!

Well it's been a week since I thought much about anything but fun and sun! We spent the week in Myrtle Beach with my grandparents, where they have a home. It was a week filled with memories and fun. According to GoogleMaps, from CT, it's about 12 hours away. According to our clock, with 2 [...]

Road Trip Fun!

As I pack and plan for my families 12 hour road trip, I was trying to think of fun ways to keep my kiddos busy on the ride. I developed a freebie to share with a couple of fun activities we are going to use.   As I scoured pinterest, I also found a couple [...]

Free summer teaching resources- Giveaway week 4

Welcome to week 4 of summer giveaways in my TeachersNotebook shop! This week I'm featuring  my Camping set. Remember, for every 10 "likes" on Facebook, ,i'll also give away one of these packs! Just LIKE my page and send me a message with your e-mail address 🙂 Enter here to win this giveaway in my [...]

Addition Within 10- Printable Resources

I've been busy developing lots of resources for language arts that align to the Common Core, but my math resources have been a little fewer and definitely further between. I am starting back where we start in 1st grade: Addition within 10. Since I love using a Guided Math Group approach, I really enjoy having [...]

TPT seller timesaver

Summer offers me lots of fun times with my own kiddos and time to develop new products, but it also offers me time to find myself ways to save time. I have 122 products in my TPT store and I have retyped/recreated the credit and terms page for each and every one of these products. [...]