First Day in First!

The first day of school is always fun and exciting! Before I share some of the lessons and activities for the week, I just want to say that most of these beginning ideas grew long before I joined the first grade team, so as awesome as they are, I can't take credit for creating them [...]

End of Summer Blues

Ever had that feeling on Sunday... the sad (blue) feeling that the weekend is ending and reality is taking hold? In my house, we call this the Sunday Blues. The day before I start school... well there's a whole different name for that. It's the End of Summer Blues.  It actually lasts longer than a day .... In [...]

Subtraction within 10

School's right around the corner. In Connecticut, we begin on August 26, so my classroom is all set up, and just one weekend and two PD days stand between me and another wonderful group of first graders. In my district we don't have a prescribed math program, and I choose to use guided math groups [...]


So I opened my mailbox today to see that my most exciting summer purchase had arrived.... SIT SPOTS!!!   I've enviously eyed them in a colleague's classroom, and it's my turn for SitSpot fun! I am going to start the year using them as spots for the children to sit... but I can tell that [...]

School Year Resolutions

I've always said we are lucky, as teachers, to get two new years. I'll admit the one that feels most like "New Year" to me is the beginning of each school year. It's how my salary is calculated, benefits are paid, and life "begins again" each September with a new group of students. It's also [...]