Printable December Journal and Writing

Hello there! I have  been a busy little elf fixing up some of my very first products. In just 3 days it will be my "One Year TPTiversary", and I'm a little embarrassed about some of my earlier packets, so I am busy working on revising, as well as uploading new things! My newly revised [...]

Turkey and Thanksgiving Fun Activities!

These fun Turkey and Thanksgiving activities are perfect for the days prior to Thanksgiving! Inside, you'll find web and All About writing pages for Native Americans, Squanto, Pilgrims, and Turkeys. I have lots of books about Thanksgiving, but really like the video about Thanksgiving, which is currently one of their free videos! Then, I [...]

Creating Together!

Mystery Bag Challenges! Twice during the week, I gave my students Mystery Bags! Inside, there were a number of arts and craft type materials. Their challenge was to create something together using the materials. All throughout the week, we added to a list of "What Makes A Good Friend & Partner". We were able to [...]