New Year, New Desk- & TPT tip

New Year, New Desk, New discovery about my husband...He is super handy! He's a computer guy, so making little programs for me to make my previews, fixing my glitchy computer, recovering lost files- he's always been super handy for that kind of stuff! Recently, he has a new found passion for building things. After looking [...]

New Year Writing Fun!

Hey there! I am trying to be better about posting, but you know.... the life of a teacher! Well, when I taught third grade, I wrote a little poem, and created a really fun and thoughtful project for the kiddos to do.  Now that I am in in first grade, we are always sharing new [...]

Gingerbread Story Activities

Teaching my Gingerbread Activities was probably my favorite part of the entire year so far! We started by reading the Gingerbread Man story and creating a story mat to practice retelling. We really focused on the characters and setting in the creation of the story mat. Then we wrote letters to the gingerbread man telling [...]