Ira Sleeps Over

This coming week, my class will be spending a day or 2 reading and writing using Ira Sleeps Over as our featured text. My students love this story, it is so relatable for them, but that is not usually my objective while sharing the story with them.  In order to get the kiddos to think [...]

St. Patrick’s Day Fun

Ok ok... I'll admit it! I got a little carried away over this snowy weekend and am really invested in revamping the activities I've done in the past and making them into super useful resources to share with the world. So what if my eyes burn from staring at the screen! I posted another version [...]

Dental Health Activities

February is Dental Health Month! This is seriously one of the most unlikely favorite units I teach in first grade. The students are really into themselves and learning about their bodies. They want so much to take good care of their bodies at this age, and listen so closely to find out how to do [...]

Valentine’s Day Printables and Activities

It sure has been a very snowy week! Just as the good old groundhog predicted spring weather, here we are with our first two snowdays of the year in Connecticut, Friday and now today (Monday). This week is going to be super busy! I am going to try to cram in President's Day and Valentine's [...]