Awesome Apple Teaching Activities!

Heyyy! I have been as busy as a honeybee updating resources in a way that helps YOU and the other teachers shopping on TPT find my goodies! I have decided to deconstruct some of my resources into their parts (especially the thematic type units) so I can list them separately for a lower price for [...]

Write the Perfect Summer Letter in Just 5 Steps

I LOVE writing summer introduction letters to my students! At first I was so overwhelmed by all of the possibilities. I wondered... Should my letter be addressed to the student, the parents, both? Should I spend time writing about my background as a teacher? Should I include anything about my family? Now more than ever [...]

Steps for Setting Classroom Rules

Each year we have the new adventure of building a classroom community of learners who are collaborative and creative. While sometimes thinking about rules seems like a snooze, students really appreciate the boundaries and are especially invested if they are part of the discussion surrounding creating the rules and expectations (even if you already know [...]

Favorite Back To School Resources

It's no secret that Back To School time creeps into the minds of teachers about this time of year. I would love to take a moment to share some awesome back to school must haves. Some are my personal faves and some come recommended my teacher friends. These are units and bundles that'll give you [...]