13 Fun Spring Lesson Topics to Fill Your Teacher Plan Book Fast

Spring is in the air! It’s always fun compiling my favorite teaching themes and topics for classroom activities each month. When I sat down to make a list of April topics and May themes, I realized that there was so much overlap! Since spring tends to be such a busy time for teachers and families, I thought I’d sum up favorite spring themes here which would be great for either March or April! I love that thematic units give us, as teachers, a way to engage our students in high interest lessons, projects, activities, and even purposeful play! Check out […]

5 Quick & Easy Life Cycle Activities for Elementary School

One of my favorite science units has always been learning about life cycles. Learning about life cycles is so engaging to students because they  are using their observational skills to notice and comment on what happens… and the changes sometimes seem magical! I usually teach about life cycles in springtime, but I’ve come to learn that there are animals around all year long that students are excited to learn about. The thing I love about life cycles is that when we are talking about animals (and even plants!) students get really excited. Since these concepts are so engaging you can […]