7 Topics Kids Love to Learn About With February Lesson Plan Ideas

There are SO many things to love about February. I mean hearts, pink, flowers, and cute little Valentine’s Day cards. Not everyone is equally as excited about Valentine’s Day as I am (I mean ewww cooties), especially some of my students. So that’s why this list of themes for February Lesson plan ideas is so useful. I find that incorporating these themes into morning meeting questions, writing prompts, and even literacy or math centers really gets kids excited, so you might want to consider these ideas as you make your February Lesson Plans. 7 themes and topics To use while […]

10+ Fun Hands on Activities for the 100th Day of School (and a Freebie)

The counting anticipation of the 100th day of school really starts on the first day. When you add that first straw, tally, or number to the chart, your kindergartners or first graders are just waiting and waiting to get to 100! Celebrate with 10 Fun Activities for the 100th Day Of School! As you start to brainstorm activities for the hundredth day, all focused around the number one hundred…it’s fun to remember that  100 feels like a big number when you’re counting days, but it’s not quite as big of a number when you only have 100 seconds to complete […]

Start the Year Easy With a Free New Year Activity Book for Your Class

The new calendar is hung, the celebrations are over, and it might even be the morning of your first day back to school for the New Year and you need something quick, easy, and engaging to get your students settled. This free New Year Activity Book is printable and just the key to get the year started. Whenever there is a transition to a new year, back from a break, or a holiday, it can be hard to plan. When it comes to the end of winter break you’re battling all three! On top of needing to review classroom expectations, […]

How To Make A Fun and Affordable Snowman Craft Every Kid Will Love : Free Video

Are you looking for a quick and easy snowman craft you can do at school or send home for snow day or winter homework? Do you teach with thematic units or topics and use Snowmen as a theme in December or January? This snow measuring stick makes a great holiday gift for students, or even a craft project you can do with your students or children (And if you’re looking to teach using it, I also found some ways to connect this lesson to math… check out the free worksheets at the bottom of this post!) When I got out […]

8 Easy Printable Snowman Activities for Busy Teachers This Winter

The weather predictions are in, and there is the buzz of a classroom that only impending snow can bring. When you know you just won’t be able to reign in the excitement of winter with your typical lessons, you need a stack of quick and easy snowman activities you can reach for that is relevant and can keep your students engaged. Don’t miss the free printable activity linked at the end of this post! After we get that first snow in New England, it’s always like little bits of it seem to linger until the first signs of spring. Aside […]