Write the Perfect Summer Letter in Just 5 Steps

Write the Perfect Summer Letter in just 5 steps!

I LOVE writing summer introduction letters to my students! At first I was so overwhelmed by all of the possibilities. I wondered… Should my letter be addressed to the student, the parents, both? Should I spend time writing about my background as a teacher? Should I include anything about my family?

After writing these a few years in a row here’s what I learned:

1.Address the letter to your students- By name!

I do this in Open Office Presentation (comparable to Powerpoint).

I create the page just how I like it, then I duplicate the page and just change the student name on each page.


2.Write a little bit about you and then get on with it!

I usually include two- three sentences and that’s it! I write to tell what I like to do, how many children I have, and of course, my pet. They LOVE to hear about pets! I don’t include a resume like list of my accomplishments and past experiences


3.Write to excite them

Share a few fun things that they will do in first grade! I like to share “You will become an author as you learn to write and illustrate your very own stories” for example. They don’t need a curriculum outline.


4.Give them 3 (ish) small details about the first day

I include  Where and When to come to school- what to bring- and a little teaser about something fun that will happen on the first day.


5.Sign it with your name AND A PICTURE!

This is by far, in my opinion, the most important part of the letter. I have heard from countless students and parents how much they appreciated seeing my face before the school year so they knew what to expect!


Here’s a sample of a letter I’ve sent home in the past!

I have never sent home a letter directly to parents, but if you felt the need to, I would address it to “first grade family” and do it as a separate page.

Not only will this letter help your students seem reassured, it shows how much you care about their child already by writing a personal and welcoming message!

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