If you’re teaching math facts by strategy, and you have been using teacher created, differentiated games and centers to practice and build fluency,  you might be looking for some quick and easy games you can purchase which are fun and also sneak in that mixed fact practice.

Here are 6 of my favorite games to play to practice addition and subtraction math fact fluency:

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I Sea a 10 (and the sequel I Sea a 20)

This game is a student favorite. The animal themes are engaging, and it’s got just enough competition to make it fun. I also like that the games can be played at different levels by taking out certain pieces.

Skills to practice:  Make a 10, Addition within 10, Addition within 20


Money Bags

This is another Learning Resource game I love.  This game involves spinning a spinner and collecting coins. It not only includes practicing coin values, but children must add up their money values and can trade 10 cents for a dime etc. Although this is basic, it’s a great way to connect math with money and to even begin to associate coins with place value.

Skills to practice: Making a 10, Counting on 1,2, and 3, Addition within 10.


If you’ve ever played UNO, you know how much fun it is. It’s a definite favorite game for indoor recess. This game, DOS, ups the bar as far as it is related to math fact fluency in the classroom. This version of the game has a few twists and turns, one of them being that instead of matching an exact number, you can put down two numbers that add up to the number you’re trying to make. Since children are usually familiar with this game, it’s easy to add in the extra rules. You can also really look at this solving as missing addend problems as well (If I need 8 and I have a 3, what other number to do I need to make 8… 3+_=8 or 8-3=_)

Skills to practice: “Ways to Make”, Missing addend, addition within 10


This is a timeless game. I often used this game as a way to introduce and practice multiplication as students were learning to represent multiplication as repeated addition. I have also used this game to practice addition, especially doubles facts and counting on.

Skills to Practice: Addition to 50, Doubles, multiplication

SSnap It Up! Math

This is a fun classroom game, and is another by Learning Resources. This game involves looking for fact families, or completing true equations. This is a great game to help connect addition and subtraction, and I loved having it as an end of the year, first grade, math center.

Skills to practice: Addition and subtraction within 10 and 20, fact families

Qwixx – A Fast Family Dice Game

This is our new FAVORITE family game and there is so so much fact fluency required and practiced. The object of the game is to get as many possible sums as you can for each of the four colors. You have to fill in the sums from left to right (and cant go back) and have to add on your turn as well as your partners turn. There is also an element of looking at different combinations of numbers as well as some strategy. Since the rules are a little tricky at first, I recommend watching a video about how to play (maybe even with your students) to show them how to play. My second grader absolutely loves it.


Here’s a quick video about how to play:

Here’s the video we watched which helped us learn to play which might be helpful for you as a teacher if you want to make sure you really understand the game before playing (you don’t have to watch the whole thing).


Skills to Practice: Addition within 12 (adding 2 dice), ordering and comparing numbers

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