St. Patrick’s day is such a magical time where students are thinking about leprechauns, shamrocks, and treasure Oh My! It’s such a great opportunity to capture that excitement in their writing.

Since 7 is my lucky number, here are 7 St. Patrick’s Day themed writing activities are great ways to get students thinking and writing this March.

Narrative Writing

Using their imaginations to write a narrative story when the magic of the season is so alive is a great way to help meet those narrative writing goals.

I am Lucky Headband

This headband is awesome for young children to write about what makes them lucky! If you’d rather, you can add this to a collage, or even attach the shamrocks to strings in order to make a mobile. Another great idea would be to make a large cutout shamrock on a bulletin board and collage it to fill it in with all the ways your students are lucky!

How to Catch a Leprechaun

This booklet and brainstorming page go perfectly alongside a leprechaun trap project, whether it’s a home project or school project! This is great procedural writing practice.

Shamrock Shape Poem

Shape poems are such a fun way to practice narrative and descriptive writing. The brainstorming and template page help this beautiful keepsake writing piece come to life. I’ve also used this activity for children to write about what makes them lucky!

Worth More Than Gold Writing

Help students realize just how lucky they are to have so many valuable things in their lives. The brainstorming and writing pages make it a low/no prep writing activity.

Leprechaun Story Response

I love that these pages can be used as response to any read aloud story you already love to share in your classroom. This can also be used alongside a reading center or listening center.

Breaking News:

This is a quick and easy one pager for students to report the chaos the leprechaun has caused in their classroom on St. Patrick’s Day!


If you’re looking for some more St. Patrick’s Day fun, check out these other ideas!