There is one thing I have learned as a first grade teacher… Kids LOVE animals! They love reading about them, writing about them, drawing them… pretending to be them.
So a combination between this realization, a need for research materials in my classroom, and the super cute clipart of TongassTeacher…. has produced my new animal literacy packs!

First it was Forest Animals….

Forest & Woodland Animal Pack! Forest & Woodland Animal Pack!

The children love completing the graphic organizers after reading some “just right” informational books. I got LOADS of nonfiction book packs which are just at their level with my Scholastic points for FREE!!! They also love completing the themed follow up sentence scramble and word scramble activities.

Then came Farm Friends …

Farm animals pack! Farm animals pack! Farm animals pack!


And most recently…. (drum roll please) Jungle Animals!

These resources are great for researching what we think of as jungle animals (although many of them are really safari/ savanna animals). As I was creating them, I kept thinking about my experiences at the zoo, so I’ve also included some “zoo” titled pages as well!

Jungle animals pack! Jungle animals pack! Jungle animals pack!


The kids absolutely ADORE these cut & glue letter scrambles.

See… informational text IS fun, engaging, and appropriate for early elementary.

The more I make, the longer my To Do list becomes! Actually thankful for the snowdays recently. They give me a “nap time” opportunity to get some resources made 🙂

Comment below if there are any specific groups of animals you would like to see a pack of!

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