Ribbit Ribbit! I am going to have to make a confession here. I stinking LOVE frogs. As a teenager I owned every pair of silly frog socks known to human kind. I had frog shaped candles, and glass figurines. I just loved frogs.  I loved them so much that my oldest son had an entire frog themed nursery (I’ll save that throwback picture for an instagram post someday).

It’s no surprise that in the classroom frogs were one of my FAVORITE things to teach about. First of all, I love thematic teaching, which I know I’ve mentioned before. It’s really more like content based teaching… I think when children learn about something in the real world (like the life cycle of a frog) and they’re engaged in the learning, they are more likely to be able to write opinion pieces, and even narrative stories because they have built some background knowledge.

I just had to share some of my favorite frog themed books, as well as favorite resources for teaching all about frogs this spring (or any time you’re feeling extra froggy).


Favorite Frog Themed Teaching Activities:


Frog Life Cycle Activities

Frogs are such awesome creatures to study the life cycle of. They go through such a drastic change in a short time, and it’s a great topic full of vocabulary and really drives home the concept of life cycles! This resource includes vocabulary, a life cycle wheel, cut and past life cycle and more!


Frog Counting Boom Cards

This Boom Card deck is awesome for drag and drop practice of counting the numbers 1-10. Plus… it’s got rainbow frogs, I mean how much more fun can you get?

Frog Research and Writing Bundle

I am a huge fan of thematic teaching, particularly as it relates to writing. I think when you write as you learn across the genres, you see the best of what students have to offer because they have vocabulary and context around their writing. This resource includes informational, narrative, and opinion writing as well as this cute shape poem template which is perfect for bulletin boards!


Froggy Leap Number Line Math

This resource is great for incorporating the strategy of using a math number line with a fun spring theme!

Frog and Toad book activities:

Spring is such a great time to read an old favorite series! It’s awesome for making predictions and drawing conclusions. Kids also find them to be super silly. My first graders always loved reading Frog and Toad books every spring.

Favorite Frog Themed Books:
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I love to have a variety of narrative and informational books all spring long. These are some of my favorite books that I have used in my classroom and I think they might be worth checking out for your frog themed activities.