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April Word Problem Practice- First grade! blog.printableprompts.com

These are an awesome, awesome spiral review practice for word problems for my first graders. My students are becoming so much more independent at attempting to solve problems independently. They are also really exploring which representations help them to solve problems. One great example is there is one problem that is 14-7… so many of my first graders tried to draw a ten rod and then 4 ones. Some of them were stumped as to why their representation didn’t work for them. The rich math discussion that followed was an awesome fundamental regrouping discussion that was just right for them. It is awesome to see them willing to take chances, try to solve, and have confidence in sharing their solutions. They are also developing more descriptive questions, rather than “What do I do?”, their questions sound like “Why is there a number for an extra class on the table?” (extra information is included in some of the problems), or “How do I make my equation match my picture?”.  It’s also helping them to think about what answering the question means….  so many times they think the answer must be a number, but this is not so when you are asking them to compare two teams, for example.


I’m in love with the kind of math thinkers these journals are helping me to develop. Check out the April pack!