Heyyy! I have been as busy as a honeybee updating resources in a way that helps YOU and the other teachers shopping on TPT find my goodies!

I have decided to deconstruct some of my resources into their parts (especially the thematic type units) so I can list them separately for a lower price for each part, or discount them as a bundle. I think it will make resources easy to find, and will also help you to make sure you’re getting the parts that you really want for your classroom!

Today I worked on finishing up(almost) photos for my Apple Bundle to get pretty covers posted!

Here are my deconstructed Apple resources 🙂

Apple Math!

This resource includes 3 versions of Write the Room and 3 versions of a roll and color game, all focusing on numbers, addition and subtraction within 10. 

This resource includes 3 versions of Write the Room and 3 versions of a roll and color game, all focusing on numbers, addition and subtraction within 10.

Johnny Appleseed

Learn about Johnny Appleseed and then apply what you've learned with these writing, sequencing, and labeling activities!

Johnny Appleseed is one of my favorite characters to teach about! This resource includes sequencing, labeling, and resources to write All About Johnny Appleseed!


Apple Writing Unit

Write thematically with these apple narrative, apple opinion, apple informational and apple shape poem activities!

I love teaching writing thematically, rather than teaching narrative for x number of months and then informational for x number of months. I find that my students are invested, engaged, and more naturally apply their background knowledge! This resource has apple fact writing resources, including the cute little all about apple book, apple opinion and narrative prompts, and directions and materials for an apple shape poem!


A Trip to The Apple Orchard

Keep your students engaged before, during, and after your trip to the orchard! Use these prediction, scavenger hunt, and apple orchard writing activities to keep your kids learning!

Looking to keep students excited and learning before, during, and after your field trip to the orchard? This resource includes materials to predict what you’ll see, record what you see (like a scavenger hunt!) and then write about your field trip to the orchard!


Apple Science
Apple Science- Students love hands on apple exploration! In addition to writing about seasonal changes, sequencing the life cycle, and labeling an apple diagram, students can explore different apples and apple products supported with their Apple Science Journal!

Use any book or video in your classroom to learn about apples and then complete an apple life cycle activity, Seasons of an Apple Tree booklet, and then explore apples and apple products with the included journal to support a hands on sensory exploration!


Apple Bundle

If you love teaching thematically, this resource is for you! This apple science, writing, math, field trip, and All About Johnny Appleseed bundle is great for kindergarten-first graders!

If you love ALL of them, you can get them bundled for a discount here! As usual, I’ve also included a bundle bonus (vocab cards, and a printable emergent reader poem) which is only available with the purchase of the bundle!

Do you have any hands on apple activities you love to do in your classroom? Share them below!

:-)- Jenn