My children officially have it, and it’s only the first week of July- Summer Bored Brain.

I’m all for forgetting that time exists, hanging out in our PJs, eating when we get hungry, and chilling out once in a while. It seems, however, that my children would rather have these days every day… in front of the TV. I relax a little more on their allowable TV and video game time during the summer, but I can see how quickly it’s turning their imaginations into mush.

In fact, you would think that some terrible act of cruelty is happening in my house when their “TV time” is over. I turn the TV off and they sit for the first 10-20 minutes whining on the couch that there’s nothing to do.

How have I been combating this unbearable whining? At first,I listed all of the fun things they have access to (there’s this place called a yard, and there’s this green stuff called grass that you can RUN AROUND IN), all of the toys in their toy room, and any artsy projects I could think of. When this failed, I was tempted to lock myself in my bedroom. Then I contemplated convincing my husband that I needed to run out to the store. Finally, I decided I better find a way to face it head on.

It was born out of frustration and exhaustion…

I’ll call it the “Drop and Run” method.

Each day, I just randomly take out some kind of creative activity or material, leave it on the table and walk away.  My children, who previously declared each activity to be “ultimately boring”… are spending so much time just creating!

Here’s our Model Magic today… so far we have:

*Magic dragon chairs

*Splat balls

*Zitzer snakes (3 year olds love to coin new words)

*and rainbows

It’s so fun watching their imaginations come alive again.

Here’s a picture from our creations today.


I know that I’ll fly through the craft supplies in our cabinet, but I’ll keep searching for new ways to battle Bored Brain 🙂