In September here in Connecticut, everything is APPLES APPLES APPLES! I try to use this beginning of the year opportunity to engage my students in all sort of curricular activities related to themes they know a lot about already.  One of the things that I’ve really focused on in the past is having access to amazing informational and fictional read aloud stories as well as books they can read themselves!

I usually do a few fictional read alouds and then much of what our study focuses on is sequencing and retelling with Johnny Appleseed, apple research, and some fun apple math! We have also always been lucky enough to take a field trip to our local orchard where the kids get to pick an apple, pumpkin, and a piece of indian corn.

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Here are some of my favorite books about Apples!


Gail Gibbons is one of my favorite informational authors. Her books include illustrations, but are also very informational and my first graders really “get” the language she uses. This book is great for engaging the kids who maybe aren’t so drawn to the sciency books.

Ten Apples Up On Top!

This book is amazing for Pre-K right up through first grade as a math activity! In Pre K or kindergarten I have used this book just to practice counting, but in first grade we focus on Ways to Make 10 when we read this book!

Apples for Everyone (Picture the Seasons)

I actually have 5 copies of this book. I read this book aloud and then I send the students off in pairs or small groups to do their apple research! The photographs are just beautiful in this one!

The Apple Pie Tree

This is a sweet story with some informational components. I use this one each year to teach about the seasons of an apple tree and how the tree changes throughout the year.

How Do Apples Grow?

This is another super informational book for students to learn about how apples grow!

Johnny Appleseed

My students love hearing the story of Johnny Appleseed each year. This book is quite wordy, but I have read it in parts throughout the week we learn about Johnny.

Apple Countdown

This book is a student favorite! I also purchased a disc of this one and the students love to have this in their listening center at the beginning of the year.

I could really go on and on… since I seem to purchase every single book I can find for their age range with “apple” in the title, but these are definitely a few of the staples I personally own and use for my apple unit!

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If your students are learning all about Johnny Appleseed, these resources will help them write to show what they have learned. With sequencing and labeling support, your students will practice even more skills when they are learning about John Chapman.


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