As the spring air begins to warm up, I am reminded of the fun end of the year activities. When testing is over,  assessments are largely done, and students are SUPER antsy, it’s always fun to use hands on engaging themes to keep them learning and practicing!

One of my favorite end of the year themes is BUBBLE FUN! I usually have a whole bubble themed day. I bring bubbles in for my students (and TONS of extra, usually in those big jugs) and we get to learning and playing hands on!

1.Bubble Wand STEM-

I love to talk first all about blowing bubbles and bubble wands.

First we talk about what they notice about bubble wands, and then they get to building their very own bubble wand. I’ve done this activity just offering students pipe cleaners, but I have also offered them a STEM experience with additional materials like wooden craft sticks, string, yarn, paper, cardboard, balloons etc.

I like to use a KWL chart and observation pages. Then students compare using venn diagram. It’s pretty cool to see them come to all sorts of fun conclusions.


2.Make Your Own Bubbles

Another fun activity we’ve done is to make our own bubbles. I’ve both given students a recipe, and had them try to create their own bubble solution that worked using glycerin, water, dish soap, baby shampoo etc.

3. Bubble Shape Poem

I also like to do some bubble fun writing. After the hands on experience I love to make a shape poem. Students are usually full of fun vocabulary and adjectives. You can bubble paint,color,or water color.

4.Narrative Story Writing

I also like to launch a narrative story about bubbles this day.It’s a great workshop story topic and the students are so excited to write when they have just had so much fun with the same theme.


5.Bubble Fun Math

A basic roll and color game is a great way to incorporate the bubble theme into your math centers.


You can get always do these activities on your own, but to use the resources I’ve create to go along with our bubble day, click here!