We had such a week getting ready to launch our Character Traits unit.  It’s also the perfect time of year for it, since as a Responsive Classroom School, we also launch our CARES unit.

This week we discussed the difference between personality and physical traits.

The students created these beautiful self portraits and labeled their physical traits.

Then, we studied more about personality traits. At the end of the week, students added hearts (personality traits) to their posters.

I launched each personality trait with a read aloud (see attached growing list!) which offered a perfect opportunity for students to begin to see how the characters in their stories also have traits.

Character Ed and Personality Trait printables!


Check out these new Character Ed and Personality traits materials!

Includes kid friendly definitions of 10 common character/personality traits as well as student response pages and teaching notes.

Here is a beginning (growing) list of books that help support teaching some of the traits! These books also offer a great link from students thinking about themselves, to relating to characters!

(Click link here! —–>) CharacterBookRecommendations