“Teach the whole child..” they say. What they often mean is teach the kid to read, write, add and subtract. And coloring? Well coloring might be a waste of valuable “learning time.”

Well, this week my main goal in the classroom was Creating and Kindness, and ironically creating kindness.

There were 3 major goals for this week and all of my language arts (and a new Team Time)

1.Help my students appreciate each other

2.Help my students communicate with each other

3.Help my students learn to work together/ create together

My rationale:

It has become clear in the past few weeks, whatever the underlying cause, that my students are lacking the creative ¬†inspiration that has come more naturally to my students in the past. They “don’t know what to write”. They “don’t know what to draw” and they “don’t know what to say”, when the answer is not directly in front of them or clear.

They have also had some trouble getting along kindly with one another. There are lots of “That’s not fair!”comments coming from them instead of celebrating accomplishments of one another.

So here we go with part-by-part- ways to help build this community and “the whole child.”