Mystery Bag Challenges!

Twice during the week, I gave my students Mystery Bags! Inside, there were a number of arts and craft type materials. Their challenge was to create something together using the materials.

All throughout the week, we added to a list of “What Makes A Good Friend & Partner”.

We were able to add things before and after each activity.

For the first activity, I gave students pipe cleaners, tin foil, and cotton balls in a paper bag.
They had 10 minutes to create something with their partner. I didn’t expect them to use the bags, but many of them did! Pictured below is Rainbow Town, Spider Hut, and a fishing boat with a shark.

!IMG_0344 IMG_0345 IMG_0349

I LOVE how this activity encouraged the children to negotiate with each other. They decided to add “Patience, Listening, and compromise” (after I taught this word to match what they were describing) to our list of Good Friend/ Good Partner work.

We did another challenge with clay, a paper plate, and a mystery object (different for each group). I didn’t take any pictures, but they worked together even more smoothly this time. It surprised me how many students didn’t know what to do with clay though.  I think next time i’ll give each group a little more time to explore their materials before getting started.

All of this was combined with our informational study of owls. At the end of the week, after learning and writing all about owls, the students used these wonderful Nocturnal Animals books by Pebble publisher to research and make a poster about a nocturnal animal. We took out the list of Good Friend/Good Partners behaviors before getting started which reminded them to use their working together skills when completing academic tasks too!

Here is some of their work!

IMG_0427 IMG_0428 IMG_0429 IMG_0430 IMG_0431 IMG_0432