The week before Christmas break can be one of the hardest of the school year when it comes to containing (or better yet… channeling) that holiday excitement. It can also be one of the most fun weeks of school if we take the time to incorporate fun activities into your day!

I know that you are probably short on time, so I wanted to share 6 activities (and links to the printables) that I’ve used in my Elementary Classroom the week before break.

I often run holiday centers the week before as well, and I’ve used a number of these activities during the class “center celebration.”

As always, before choosing activities, please be sure to think of which are appropriate for your current students.

Here are 6 of my favorite Quick and Easy activities!

DIY CUt & Paste Bingo

Kids love BINGO and you can put a fun holiday twist on the game with these Christmas themed cut and paste boards. You can have students color, or cut and glue their own pieces. Each Bingo board will be different. I like to make these early in December and print the board on card stock so we can use them all month long!

Word Scrambles

Use the letters in some Christmas themed words to build new words. This is a great word building center. It’s also really fun to do with partners as morning work. I’ve even done this during book buddies.

Build a Christmas Shape

Choose a picture card and then try to figure out how to create something that looks like the object on the picture. These are different than pattern block templates, which show students how to make each of the shapes. Instead students can use pattern blocks to create it however they’d like! I like to have students use an ipad to take photos of their work when they do these types of activities. These also make a great math station or morning work tub activity.

Candy Cane Patterns

This is a favorite for math centers, morning tubs, or a holiday party craft. It’s something students can take home with them. You can choose to include whichever colors you like. They also double as ornaments!

Christmas Color By Code

Whether you want a basic color by number template, or addition practice, this print and go practice is perfect. It’s even self checking since you can see at a glance if the picture is completed appropriately! If you’re looking for color by number you can find those here!

Looking for addition color by code? Here’s the link!


Reindeer Reindeer Circle Game

I’m looking to add items to this list, so if you have any fun activities for the week before holiday break (must be quick and easy!) please reply in the comments!