O.M.G How terrible. I have not updated since March! Time has just gotten away from me!

So what’s new?
The school year is almost over and I can almost smell summer!

I am so excited to be gearing up for some of my favorite end of the year fun activities to keep them excited and learning until the very last day!

The last week of school, we’ll have 5 themed fun days !

Fun In the Sun Day!

My students are in love with math spinner games. They all focus on building fact fluency, but the students never get tired of them! They’re also great because I can challenge my higher learners and support my struggling mathematicians with the same game.



We’ll also use some of the resources from my BEACH unit and have a beach blanket reading time out on the grass with our beach towels.

We always do a game day one of the days where the children bring in a game from home.
This year we re also going to have Fairy Tale Day. We have read tons of fairy tales and used resources from my fairy tale pack. The students will then work in teams to reread the stories and create stick puppets from their fairy tales. They write a written retell as a group and assign rolls and then perform for the whole class! It’s so cool to watch them step back and really take ownership of this big job!



The year wouldn’t be complete without BUBBLE DAY!

I am super excited to use these bubble resources again. The students love bubble day! Who knew you could make bubble wands out of pipe cleaners?

Bubble Fun- Great for the end of the year!


This year my fruit loving first graders are going to LOVE Watermelon day! I bring in some watermelon, we use describing words and our five senses. Then, we  read The Watermelon Seed and do some Watermelon themed math.


So there it is… the last week of school in a nutshell. I’m super excited for it, since I know my students this year are going to love it just as much as my students have in the past!