Teaching classroom rules in my classroom has always been one of the fun parts of our back to school season.

After taking the steps to collaboratively set the rules, it’s fun to put together some lessons so you can explicitly teach the examples and non examples of what’s expected.

Check out these fun ways to explicitly teach classroom rules for in person classroom instruction:

Start with posters and graphics:

A picture really is worth 1000 words. Seeing the example of the behavior will help students to understand what the behavior looks like.

Follow up with an emergent reader:

Emergent readers are perfect printable paper copies that you can provide to each student. They can color them in, circle words they know, and practice reading. The ones I’ve created are patterned so even very young children can “read them”. These are also great for if you’r socially distancing because you don’t have to share books.

And… remember those posters? They match the rules in the reader, so you can even make your own read aloud type booklet.

Sort Away:

Cut and paste individual or group sorting (or both!) are great ways to get students to identify which behaviors follow classroom rules and which don’t. It also helps students to practice the skills of sorting, cutting, and pasting.



Just like you would assess any other standard or concept, a response activity is a great way to see what students know about what’s expected. This freebie is a back to school “role model” written response activity that you can use in your classroom if it helps you out!


Teaching with a different school model?

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