I’ve written all about how I love research at the early elementary level. My first graders loved researching and writing as a class, in partners, and even on their own as part of a research writing center.

The farm is always a fun kindergarten and first grade unit, and it even makes a great field trip if you have a local farm. With the help of research companion materials, your students can organize and plan their writing. I even created a farm animal specific research companion to use with my students, and I’ve shared it in my store if you’d like to share it with yours.

As with all of my research companions, I knew my students needed differentiated texts, and sometimes even video notetaking was our focus objective. For that reason, I compiled graphic organizers, writing pages, and literacy extension activities to support research using whatever books and videos best meet the needs of your students.

I know that it can be tricky to pull all those resources together time and time again, so here’s a list of farm animal resources that would pair well with a farm research unit!

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Farm Animal Research Books & Videos

1. National Geographic Readers: Farm Animals (Level 1 Co-reader)

I love these books because they are written at a just right level for the students I was teaching in first grade. They also have wonderful photographs which are so important as the children learn about the animals.

2.DK Readers L0: Farm Animals (DK Readers Pre-Level 1)

3. Pigs (First Step Nonfiction ― Farm Animals)


4.Goats (Blastoff! Readers: Farm Animals) (Blastoff Readers. Level 1)

5.Cows and Calves (First Step Nonfiction ― Animal Families)

6. Cows (Pebble Plus: Farm Animals)

7Cows and Their Calves (Pebble Plus: Animal Offspring)

8. Chickens (Pebble Plus: Farm Animals)

Goose: Amazing Fun Facts and Pictures about Goose for Kids


National Geographic Readers: Gallop! 100 Fun Facts About Horses

Sheep (Animals That Live on the Farm)

Horses (Animals That Live on the Farm)

Chicks & Chickens

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Chickens (Animals That Live on the Farm)

Goats (Animals That Live on the Farm)


The Milk Makers (Reading Rainbow Book)



There are also a number of classroom readers, and if you have a subscription to a site like Scholastic News or Reading A-Z,they often have archives where you can search for the animal or topic you’re hoping to learn and teach about!

If you’re looking for more farm animal themed activities for your farm unit, check these resources out!