Happy October! I’ve added a cute new pack where I’ve put together some fire safety and fire prevention activities.



I have included resources to use when researching about firefighters. You can use these graphic organizers and writing pages with any book or video you already have in your room!

fire-safety-can-have-are fire-safety-web


I have also included some resources for students to write about ways they can prevent fires or stay safe in case of a fire.

fire-safety-mini1fire-safety-mini2 fire-safety-book  fire-safety-checklist fire-safety-glue


I’ve also include fire safety/fire fighter words and fire safety tips posters and cards like these!

fire-safety-poem fire-safety-firetip fire-safety-firesafetytip fire-safety-vocab


In my classroom, instead of using the premade word wall items, I always like to have the students make a word wall. This is our first time this year making our own word wall.

First, we do some research (we read a scholastic news article and read the Fly Guy presents Firefighter book).
Then, students brainstorm different “important words” that will help them to write about firefighters.
They each illustrate their word and we sort them as a group into categories.

This time, I used the Can,Have,Are organizers, so that is how we sorted the words.

All week, they were able to refer to these words for their writing!IMG_9947 IMG_9948