First grade math centers write the room math practice

Imagine with me now: You sit down at your computer with exactly 30 minutes of prep time before you pick your first graders up from their special class. You search for first grade math centers, but most of the results are intensive to prep, or are really basic. You start to envision yourself spending your weekend cutting out 1000 pieces to go with a game that your students are going to play twice. You know it’s going to take at least a math block to teach them all the rules. And is this center even focusing on the skill they need practice with most? You might feel like you’re in a nightmare at this point.

That’s because planning for first grade math centers can be hard! You want something more than monotonous worksheets that practice skill development and fluency for those wiggly first graders!

Most of all you might be wondering how to get away from the no prep worksheets that are so tempting, and sometimes feel like the only option when your students need skill specific practice during math time.

I totally get it! I spent SO many of my prep periods (and weekends if we’re being honest), trying to come up with ideas for getting my students the first grade math skill practice they needed. I knew that centers were the answer because it allowed me time to work with students 1:1… but the planning was treacherous.

… and I definitely wanted to take a break from worksheets, which sometimes felt like the only kind of specific skill practice I could find.

The desire to reach my students, and keep those busy first graders moving with a purpose was the main motivator behind creating a comprehensive bundle of write the room first grade math centers.

Using this bundle my students could use a familiar routine and format to practice different first grade math skills, from adding and subtracting within 10, to just right first grade fractions, and even measurement and shapes.

This bundle of first grade math centers is:

Let’s face it… You need first grade math centers that:

Meet first grade math standards so your students can practice difficult skills long after the curriculum has moved on.

Have a familiar format to build independence and make for easy classroom management.

Provide options with built in differentiation.

I think this bundle of first grade math centers is the solution you just might be looking for!

All you need to do is select the skill you’re looking for, print, and use.

How can you use this math center bundle?

1. Write the Room Math Center:

My favorite way to use this first grade math center bundle is to hang the cards around the room for students to find and solve. It’s like a math scavenger hunt! With 2 versions per skill you can differentiate, or have students solve both sets!

2. Math task card center:

this is a great way to keep using the cards anytime your students could use a little extra review. The best part is, there is no additional prep to get this center ready to use in task card form!

This bundle is perfect for you if you:

  • Teach first grade math
  • Are looking for low prep first grade math centers
  • Want your students to be engaged during math time
  • Want to be able to differentiate for your students
  • Are looking for a center students can do independently

Skills Practice At Your Fingertips for:

  • Counting to 10 & Number Writing
  • Teen Numbers
  • Addition within 10
  • Addition within 20 (Count on 1,2, or 3 using a number line, and addends to 9)
  • Subtract within 10
  • Telling Time (Hour & Half Hour)
  • Fractions (halves and fourths)
  • 2D and 3D Shapes (mixed practice)
  • Subtraction within 20
  • Adding 3 numbers
  • Doubles and Near Doubles
  • Missing addends
  • Money & Coins (including skip counting by 5 and 10)
  • Adding and subtracting by 10s within 100.
  • Addition within 100
  • Fact families -(addition and subtraction to 20)
  • Place Value to 100
  • Measurement

The best part is that this resource is tried and true! Here’s what teachers like you are saying about this bundle:

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