You know that teaching first grade math word problems is critical for skill application and long term retention… but why is it so hard to engage them to apply math skills?

Girl confused about first grade math word problems

You want students to be engaged in applying math skills and retaining skills from previous lessons, but it can be exhausting to be on a treadmill of writing word problems that are just right for first graders.

I totally get it…

No matter which grade I taught, it seemed like word problems were always a pain point. My first graders especially struggled to read the word problems they were given, to have strategies for solving word problems… but most of all they had trouble knowing which math skill to apply to solve the word problems.

My students were SO used to moving unit by unit through math instruction, that they rarely applied previous skills to help them retain their first grade math skills! It was like there was a magic eraser that emptied math skills out of their minds as soon as they put their pencil down after a unit test.

I know you have been there too!

You need word problems that:

  • First graders can read and understand
  • Include appropriate mathematical vocabulary that is just right for first grade word problems
  • Spirals skills so students increase retention of math skills and build mathematical understanding
  • Are easy to navigate so students can build problem solving math routines
  • Are FUN and RELATABLE to first graders

But who has hours and hours to think up and write word problems that fit with first grade math progressions? Let’s face it… you’ve got enough on your plate!

So what happens when spiraled math review meets first grade word problem monthly journals?

First graders retain and apply math skills as a regular routine

Students are engaged in critical thinking practice

Students build stamina with math problem solving and word problems

Sound good to you but you’re wondering when you could ever find the time to create such a comprehensive resource?

I’ve created a bundle of first grade math word problems that might be just the thing you need to get your plan time back!

It includes:

  • Monthly math journals that you can print like a packet so you only need to copy once a month
  • 15 real life problems that are relevant and students can understand
  • Increasing difficulty and inclusion of math skills
  • A familiar problem solving format so students can show their problem solving strategies and be sure to solve the problem completely
  • A fun check in box so you can add a sticker or stamp once you’ve checked student work
  • BONUS: Digital versions for interactive whiteboards or virtual learning environments.

Looking to learn a little more so you can be absolutely sure this bundle is what your first graders need?

Do you teach math units including:

  • Addition to 10 & 20
  • Subtraction to 10 & 20
  • Using a number line(to 20)
  • Using a chart
  • Subtracting to compare quantities
  • Beginning place value (10 and some more)
  • Missing addend
  • Using a graph
  • Comparing quantities
  • Related facts
  • Add 3 numbers
  • Addition and subtraction within 100
  • Place value within 100

Ready To Print Monthly Journals with First Grade Math Word Problems

Spiraled Review for Math Skill Retention

Familiar Format to Increase Independence

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