Happy New Year!

Whenever this post might find you, I hope you’re having a great year!

Whenever there is a transition to a new year, back from a break, or a holiday, it can be hard to plan. On top of needing to review classroom expectations, they come back with so much excitement and SO much to share.

In fact, I bet you can expect a student’s hand to fly up mid sentence during a math lesson to tell you that someone caught a snowflake on their tongue. That’s all it takes to start the domino effect… is that the right term or is it even more like the wave… of hands sharing everything from the color socks they wore on the day after Christmas to when their brother burped during dinner last night. Seriously… you know it’s that random.

We can get things back on track by returning to classroom routine reminders, and keeping students on task and busy. I always say when they are chatting, give them something to chat about! (If they’re getting too chatty, I’ve written about what to do when you have a noisy class here… the New Year is one of the times that inspired me to write about this topic). It’s also interesting how much they forget over these holiday breaks. My students often forget the simplest procedures, like taking lunch count or sharpening a pencil.

We know those down times can really be ripe for students getting off task and being harder to reengage when they are getting back into the swing of things. It can be REALLY handy to have a little extra something for them to work on during those little bits of time that cause us the most trouble when it comes to classroom management.

I love grabbing for something like a color by code or word scramble to keep them engaged and completing academic activities. What’s better than one fun activity? A printable fold and go booklet that has a few different ones!

You can use these printable booklets for:

*Morning work

*Early Finishers

*End of the day fun

*Book buddies


*Substitute plans

*When that writing activity only takes 15 minutes instead of 25 🙂

Here’s a little peak at the New Year one I created.  And because we all need a little pick-me-up in the new year.. Click below to get it for free 🙂


Happy Teaching!