Happy Tuesday! Here in CT we have our “winter recess” today. It used to be a full week of vacation, but a few years ago they cut us back to just Monday and Tuesday off. The weather has been wild. We went from -10 degrees just two days ago to snow yesterday, and rain and wind with a temp of around 50 today. I notice because I’ve stolen a bit of time each day to finalize some new resources to share with you!

Frog and Toad are some of my favorite characters ever. Arnold Lobel crafted these books to offer a great opportunity to see which students think critically and which students believe everything they read without question, and I use them as an opportunity to bridge the kiddos to think critically about the text.

One way, is by having guiding chapter questions. I have included three types of activities for each chapter with a journal cover so you can really customize these packs for your class.

I offer a variety of questions for students to respond to in writing on the first “typical” question page. The second page for each chapter offers a write and draw component (more critical thinking) and a connection component, which sometimes connects vocabulary as well and MY FAVORITE PART- Find, Mark, Discuss. I pass out sticky notes to the students and they carry this question throughout the entire book, collecting evidence and thinking about the characters. This discussion is done all orally, which I know drives some of my teacher friends crazy (“How do you KNOW they understand if they didn’t write about it?”). If you listen and see what kinds of evidence the students are sharing, you know pretty quickly which students understand. I also love this question because it gets the kiddos back into the text to support their answers.

Frog-and-toad-all-year-chapter Frog-and-toad-all-year-chapter1

I have also offered a couple of generic activities if you want to mix it up. These are pretty much the same for each of the book sets, along with the character trait pages.




For this reason, not only have I discounted the bundle, but I’ve included 10 bundle bonus pages to help you compare books, compare characters, and choose a favorite story.


Check out the sets here!

Frog and Toad are Friends book companion. blog.printableprompts.com Frog and Toad All Year book companion. blog.printableprompts.com Days with Frog and Toad book companion. blog.printableprompts.com Frog and Toad Together book companion. blog.printableprompts.com Frog and Toad bundle- book companion! blog.printableprompts.com

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