100 second challenges for your 100th day of school activities

The counting anticipation of the 100th day of school really starts on the first day. When you add that first straw, tally, or number to the chart, your kindergartners or first graders are just waiting and waiting to get to 100! Celebrate with 10 Fun Activities for the 100th Day Of School!

As you start to brainstorm activities for the hundredth day, all focused around the number one hundred…it’s fun to remember that  100 feels like a big number when you’re counting days, but it’s not quite as big of a number when you only have 100 seconds to complete tasks! That’s why my students love the urgency and fun that come with these 100 second challenge 100th day of school activities!

I have used these activities with students from first grade to 5th and I have the activity booklet to offer you for free!

There are a bunch of ideas and response pages for students in the 100 Second Challenge freebie linked here, but I’ll list a few for you here!

There are 10 challenges in all included in the booklet along with direction cards for each of the activities, so be sure to grab that freebie here!

Fun 100th Day of School Activities

100 Board Match-

Pull as many numbered tiles as you can out of a bag and match them to the hundreds chart! This is great for helping students to read numbers, navigate the 100s board, and also determine how well they understand how the board works.

Penny Stacking

How many pennies can you stack in 100 seconds. For older students you could just do a coin challenge and have them calculate the value of all the coins they stacked within 100 seconds!

Marshmallow toss

Toss as many marshmallows as you can across the table in 100 seconds. This one is just fun and gets lots of laughs!

Beading Challenge

How many beads can you put on a pipe cleaner in just 100 seconds.

More 100th Day of School Activities

I also want to share a couple of other fun ideas that I’ve done for the 100th day before that your students might love!

100th Day Snack

This snack includes 100 pieces of snack! I always like to have 10 choices for snacks and students take 10 of each (to work on that place value skill as well). Some ideas for choices are different kinds of cereal, Goldfish Crackers, Cheezits, pretzels, m&ms, oyster crackers, and fruit snacks.

100th Day Crown

I’ve just used basic sentence strips. Students put 10 groups of 10 different stickers, shapes, squiggles, and they make 10 of each (another plug at that place value concept)

100th Day Cereal Necklace

This is always a fun one. You can use any cereal that’s in the shape of a circle, but I like using Cheerios honestly. I have students bead 10 cheerios, then a plastic bead to break up the groups of 10. Of course they do this 10 times! It’s also been best in my experience to splurge and get the string that has the ends like a shoelace so they are easier for students to bead.

Remember to grab that free printable 100 Second Challenge booklet as you plan your 100th Day of School Activities!

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