Getting Sight Words to stick!  Color coding sight words to make them seasonally relevant and help struggling readers! As a first grade teacher, I have recognized that one of the biggest indicators of my students’ reading success is their sight word knowledge. This is especially important for my struggling kiddos because they are spending so much time and “thinking space” in their brains working to decode all the other words.

These struggling readers are also the ones who used to never ever use my word wall because it was full of a sea of words that all looked the same, few of which they could read without becoming frustrated.

In addition, I had this huge list of first grade words for the kiddos to learn, and I had to try to keep myself on track. A few summers ago I decided, mostly to keep myself on schedule, to write the sight words I wanted to focus on each month on a seasonal shape. This way I would know I had to get through the red apple words in September, and so on.

The result was much more interesting than keeping me on track.

Three awesome things that happened:

1. The students LOVED seeing what color and shape/image was coming in the month ahead.

2.The words were broken  up into smaller groups. Instead of a SEA of sight words, there were red apple words, and orange pumpkin words. Students were much less overwhelmed.

3. Students were able to locate them much more easily on the word wall. It was as if they had made more connections in their minds with a color and shape/image being associated with the words.

Get the cards for free here!

SO.. I continued my work over the next two years and developed some seasonal “word work” center activities to go along with words!

And now I’m (almost) ready to share them all with you!

I have JUST posted my September first grade sight word resource along with color by code, word strip puzzles, a roll and highlight game, and directions for a traditional match game.

Check it out here!

Sight Words all Year! Practice sight words seasonally!

I’ve also posted a growing bundle resource. You pay for what is available now (usually at a discount) and receive all future resources for FREE when I am finished putting the finishing touches on them!

Click here for the “All Year Long” growing bundle!


**Note- Customized resources are available! If you have a district required sequence or list you’d like me to create resources for, please contact me directly to discuss. 🙂