Teaching my Gingerbread Activities was probably my favorite part of the entire year so far!
We started by reading the Gingerbread Man story and creating a story mat to practice retelling. We really focused on the characters and setting in the creation of the story mat.

Then we wrote letters to the gingerbread man telling him whether he should run away or not.

Then, we read another version Keep Running Gingerbread Man, and retold that story using our mat as well. Doing both retellings helped the students to compare the stories with lots of detail!

On Friday, we celebrated SAVE THE GINGERBREAD MAN DAY! We began by discussing the problem in the story of the Gingerbread Man. IN all the stories we read, the Gingerbread Man had trouble when he got to the river. We made lists of ways to save the Gingerbread man (yes superman and Spider Webs were allowed on these lists, along with portals and Enderdragons).

Then, I posed the “crossing the river problem”, the students had some materials and they had to try to engineer some way to get the Gingerbread Man across. It was at this point that we narrowed down to real life engineering solutions.

The kids LOVED IT!
To end the week, they rewrote the ending to the story, where the Gingerbread man was heroically saved by a catapult, boat, or hidden bridge (depending on their creations). It was an awesome week! Check out the resources I used !

Gingerbread Story Activities