Henry and Mudge… a timeless duo and certainly a classroom favorite!

Henry and Mudge- Book companion bundle. blog.printableprompts.com

I have been busy creating book companions for a number of the Henry and Mudge books in the series. I have decided to offer this as a GROWING BUNDLE.

This means:

You pay the (discounted) bundle price when you purchase it.  The bundle is always discounted – even for the materials included. This is, in part because there is some overlap in the type of resources offered in the  products as I like to use a consistent format in my classroom to build independence.

THE EXCITING PART– By purchasing the bundle, you get to download any future additions to the bundle FOR FREE!

Each time I add a new product, the price of the bundle will reflect the added value, so the earlier you buy, the more bonus materials you get!

MORE EXCITING NEWS– Since there is some overlap, I also include bundle bonus materials with many of the packs just as an extra “Thank You!”

Right now, the bundle includes 4 book companions, and several pages of bonus materials, but in June, I will be adding another book companion (and the price will increase)… Check it out!