I love ALL THINGS STICKY NOTES! I don’t know if I love them more, or if my students do.

Typically if I want to snazz up a reading lesson, all I have to do to boost engagement is somehow involve a sticky note or two for my students.

My tasks and organization became even more efficient when I discovered the power of printing on sticky notes!

Here are the basic steps for printing on sticky notes!

Print Your template

If the resource you’re printing has a blank template, print this first.

If not, you can print the sticky note sized template you’d like to use and just place sticky notes over the parts you’d like to appear on the sticky notes.

Place your sticky notes over the template


Place your page in the printer

Be sure to place the page so that the sticky part goes in first, otherwise they’ll peel off and get stuck in your printer!

Print the page you’d like on your sticky notes

Anytime you’re printing a template like this, be sure you’re not selecting the fit to page option. Otherwise you’ll have trouble fitting the pieces/ sticky notes appropriately.




If you’re looking for the appropriate sized sticky note templates to type your own in, I’m working on some templates, so stay tuned!

If you’d like to make your own templates, I just really used the process of trial and error to get the box sizes correct by creating, printing, and trying to size up the sticky notes I wanted to use.


The sticky notes pictured here are from my Reading Comprehension Questions with Sticky Notes resource! Check it out here: