Fairy Tales Classroom Activities

I have to admit- I believe in fairy tales… and so do my students.

My latest mission has been to really focus in on ways to create classroom materials that are:

1. Useful for my students

2.Help me make connections between the different lessons I am teaching

3. Useful for readers like YOU!

Most recently, I have decided to go into the world of creating some materials inspired by common children’s books and fairy tales. There are so many different versions of these tales that lend themselves to connections between texts, themes, and even characters. These kinds of tales are also often commonly known, so in many ways, a closer read for vocabulary or point of view is more accessible because the students generally have a basic idea of the plot. These stories also lend themselves to the “written retell/summary”, which is something that my first graders are focusing on right now. If they know the story well, and have relevant materials to practice, I think that these tales are really useful to use in the development of a new/complex skill.

This has also been the beginning of a new addiction… clip art purchasing!

I got these super cute clip art images from a gal on TPT- Teaching in the Tongass. It’s SO CUTE! I have now filled my wishlist with clip art that I want to buy. I have to contain myself and purchase as I go.

So here is my very first “Fairy Tale” packet- The Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf inspired! Enjoy!

3 Little Pigs Literacy and Math! blog.printableprompts.com/i-believe-in-fairy-tales

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