I’m on a Freebie Feedback Frenzy!


I’ve been spending at least an hour a day leaving feedback on freebies… and here’s why.

Behind every great freebie is a dedicated, generous, and awesome teacher or artist!

That author deserves the votes and your comments to help them succeed. Whether you’re commenting on how much you love the product (it feels good to be acknowledged for your work!) or have a suggestion, this feedback can help creators to improve the product or to shape future products.

Why now?

One of my favorite clip art artists, Krista Wallden had a freebie chain going for some of her super cute, very professional, and very versatile clip art.  If she got just 600 feedback on each freebie, she would produce another.

What happened? The chain ended after a few weeks because the goal was not reached. You’re probably thinking that 600 is a lot of feedback to get in a week. The problem is that the freebie has over 2.300 downloads. I was kind of bummer that only about 1/4 of people who downloaded this product took the time to leave feedback. In the case of clip art, these images are often being used to create a product that may NOT even be free (which is fine), but the least you can do is give the author credit for their awesome work by taking a minute to leave feedback.

I felt so disappointed, but then wondered how aware I had been, in the past, about leaving feedback for freebies.I know when I download paid products, my purchases page has a little spot to leave feedback, and I’m looking for those TPT credits. I had never noticed that TPT catalogs all of your free purchases here as well, so you are able to access and go back to redownload or leave feedback on past purchases.

So why am I spending so much time doing it? Because I was guilty! I have downloaded hundreds of freebies and left feedback on less than a fourth of them. My frenzy is my effort to right this wrong :-). I’ll keep going until every freebie I’ve downloaded has feedback.

Follow these 4 steps to join me on my FREEBIE FEEDBACK FRENZY!

Click on MY TPT at the top of your login page. Then click on My Purchases:mytpt


Then click on the FREE DOWNLOADS bar at the top!



Find the words “Provide Feedback” under the product. If you’ve already left feedback, it’ll tell you here!


Rate, Comment, Send!



I always cringe when I see people leaving super negative or low feedback on freebies.  I guess the product could be less than expected. On a freebie, however, I always prefer to contact the seller privately with suggestions or issues instead of leaving poor feedback.