We are heading into our third week of school. It is still so hot in my classroom ( supposed to be 91 out tomorrow ugh!), so by lunch time I am exhausted. I also get terrible migraines, so this is a super tough time of year in that regard. Any time there is a break, I seek shelter in one of the few air conditioned rooms in the building and sit. At the end of the day, I can’t leave quickly enough… which is a problem! First grade is a busy place! I am finding myself feeling really overwhelmed with all of the little things that need to be done and the piles that are already forming behind and on my desk.

It’s the feeling like all of your tasks are buzzing around your head and distracting you from even being able to speak intelligibly. So, how do you cope? Make a list! We call this a “Bee List” in my house. You get to swat those ideas from around your head and right onto your list.

My bee list, however, has become quite long. This is how I have decided to manage my Bee List…

beelist1I need a “Now” and “Later”. This method has really helped me to sort through the things I need to get done as soon as I have a free minute at school, and the things that can wait, or maybe even be taken home with me ( I know I shouldn’t… but I always bring loads of work home.

When I put that sticky note up on my filing cabinet, I can let it go from my mind, free up some of that working memory, and regain the ability to form complete sentences.