I’ve just posted a brand new Watermelon fun pack.

It’s inspired by the super cute clip art of EduClips, one of my favorite summer stories written by Greg Pizzoli, and my own unwritten (until now) tale.

Watermelon is delicious, sweet, a tasty treat… and the fear of watermelon those-big black seeds -also haunted my childhood. I blame it on my dad. He innocently, I suppose, told me that if you ate the black watermelon seeds, a watermelon would grow in your tummy.  He went so far as to say that the white seeds were fine, but not the black ones.

Little did he know, I had already eaten one prior to his warning.

Tick tock tick tock… I  waited and waited, checking my tummy in the mirror constantly. The next morning I felt fine. I decided to share the good news with my dad. I told my dad that I had eaten a seed and nothing happened. That was when he said the words… simple to an adult, but a life sentence to a child…”Oh… it takes seven years to grow.”  There was no smirk, no tell tale wink, just a stone serious face. I didn’t say anything, didn’t express concern, just walked away.

Days passed and soon the fear didn’t consume me, but each time I saw a watermelon, it returned. I never mentioned it again.

Until fifth grade. we were having a class party and someone brought a big bowl of watermelon. I approached my teachers desk and whispered “Is it true if you eat a black seed a watermelon grows in your tummy in seven years?” She smiled, and gently chuckled. “No dear, it’s not true, they just don’t taste very good.” …and a sigh of relief.

I know… I know… I’m being dramatic again.

I feel like I should give some kind of disclaimer. My dad did not regularly torture me in this way. In fact, I never asked him about it again, so he had no way of knowing how often I thought of it. I love my dad dearly. He has always been, and continues to be a huge part of  my life and my children’s lives. He is kind, caring, generous, and a very very hard worker. He is funny, a creator of silly made up words, and teller of silly tales (if only I knew the tale of the watermelon was one of them).

In 2013, that little crocodile make his grand appearance in The Watermelon Seed and it felt as if he was telling my story! If only I had thought to burp- 😉 .   Since then it has become one of my all time favorite end of the year and summer stories.

Now, thanks to (sarcastic) GMO watermelon without the seeds AND the story The Watermelon Seed, I can enjoy the tasty summer treat panic-free.

Check out the pack here:

Watermelon Fun resources! blog.printableprompts.comI’ve included research companion, comprehension, writing, and even a math resource!Watermelon Fun resources! blog.printableprompts.com Watermelon Fun resources! blog.printableprompts.com Watermelon Fun resources! blog.printableprompts.com