I am wishing a VERY happy Mothers’ Day to all of the wonderful, dedicated mothers out there. I am so thankful for my own, and for each day and memory that we get to have together. Yesterday I brought my two boys to go see her at a campground where I celebrated Mothers’ day by (literally) playing on the playground with my mom and kids.. SO MUCH FUN!


Being a mom to my two little boys has been, by far, the biggest blessing in my life. My children bring me laughter, smiles, love, hugs, and cheer with each passing day.

I’ll admit, they sometimes also bring me migraines, gray hair, and exhaustion.

On this day, I am super thankful for my children. They love me when I’m at my best, snuggling up with a movie, holding their hands as we march down Main Street at the Magic Kingdom, or tucking them in each night.

But they also love me when I’m at my worst. 6 am morning breath, snapping “Get your shoes on for the 10th time”, barricading myself in the kitchen with coffee and Dr. Phil after a long day of work. They are my world, they are my motivation.

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Their pictures sit on my desk, motivate me through the day, and make the bittersweet end of the school year extra sweet.

Happy Mothers’ Day!